QuakeCon has come and gone but here are some of the biggest stories and gameplay reveals that you should know!

Doom: Eternal 

The Doom Slayer is back with a brand new entry. We have a full glimpse of the gameplay shown off at QuakeCon 2018. The game adds brand new weapons with some interesting mechanics and attachments. One is a shotgun that doubles as a grappling hook. This will open up new opportunities to create mayhem and quickly cut down the distance between mobs. Enemies seem to show more gruesome and gory damage as you whittle down their health.

A new gameplay feature known as Invasions will include other players essentially invading your game as a demon. A group of players can enter any player’s campaign as a squad of demons to hunt the player down. The developers said that they wanted to include some fun multiplayer options to the main campaign and players will have the option to turn it off. Doom: Eternal is starting to shape up and looks amazing with brand new locations as the “Doom” universe and lore are in the forefront this time. We still have no information on whether online multiplayer or SnapMap from Doom (2016) will return.

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You can check out the gameplay trailers below:

Elder Scrolls: Blades

We get a first look at Bethesda’s latest mobile game known as Elder Scrolls: Blades. The game is playable both horizontally and vertically using touchscreen controls. There is no mention of how microtransactions are going to work but it will be interesting how this game is received after the success of Fallout: Shelter. Bethesda states that it will be available on iOS first but no mention of an Andriod version as of this announcement.

Fallout 76

Bethesda shows off new gameplay footage alongside some answers about their new shared world RPG shooter. Some key points being that griefers and trolls that kill players in the game, without their consent, will be marked on the map for all players to see. Players who kill the “Wanted” player will receive additional caps and experience points. There will be a PvP mode after the player has reached level 5 in which all is fair game.

Players will be able to use a photo mode for making their ID badge using their player avatar! Photo mode will be available once the introduction stage and will offer a multitude of filters and other tools to customize their favorite pictures. There will be a radial menu with emotes to communicate with players for those without mics. When players die they only lose caps and materials while keeping their weapons and armor when they respawn.

You can check out the full panel here:

Those were the biggest talking points of QuakeCon 2018! What game are you excited about the most? Get in touch with us on our various social media platforms and let us know.

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