PUBG Mobile vs PUBG PC – Top Differences You Should know

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is the most versatile and popular mobile game released in the year 2018, was firstly released for PC. Considering the increasing popularity of the game, the developer has decided to launch the mobile version, known as PUBG Mobile. The decision of releasing the mobile version proved a massive success of Tencent Corporation. Since the release date of the game, PUBG Mobile is in trending till now, because of its engaging gameplay, realistic graphics, and superb mechanics. PUBG Mobile has been downloaded over 100M times according to Google Play Store.

Although PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC are the same game released by the same developers, there are some exciting differences you should know. The first prominent different is about space, where PUBG Mobile requires up to 3 to 4 GB space on your mobile devices, PC version needs up to 30 GB. You may find differences in terms of graphics, designing, and controls. Being a PUBG lover, you should look at these top different between two different versions of PUBG – PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC. If you’re new to PUBG or looking for its premium items, you can go to trustworthy gaming marketplaces, where you can buy PUBG Account from other players in a secure environment.


Undoubtedly, the PC version has better graphics and more realistic graphics than the mobile version, and for sure, the game would be tough to play as the game claims to not be introduced bots in the PC version. Therefore, the gameplay is quite tight as compared to Mobile version. Come to its graphics, which is the foremost difference between these two versions. You may also know that the Mobile Version runs on low-end graphics, because of the mobile phone specifications across the world.

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On the other side, the graphics of PC seems more realistic offering you smooth gameplay experience so you can enjoy challenging battles. Therefore, the graphics of both titles make a huge difference. The device could hardly handle a max of 720p, while the PC can efficiently deal with 1080p. Therefore, the PC users find the mobile version quite easy, and the mobile players can’t play the PC version as they are tough to play.

Interior Designing

Besides graphics differences, the second significant difference between both titles is interior designing. The houses and other structures found in the Mobile version are quite different from PUBG PC. Upon playing PUBG Mobile, you find walls, apartments, rooms, as well as doors, are standard, while in the PC version, you find extra doors and walls inside homes. The massive map of PC is span different rooms and areas. You find more detailed graphics and brilliant mechanics which provide you with stunning gameplay, unlike the Mobile version.

No Footprints

Spotting enemies isn’t a tough job in PUBG Mobile, but it could a difficult in the PC version. However, if you’re playing the game in front of your screen, you should use high-quality headphones, because you can’t be able to see the footprints on the map. Throughout the gameplay, you are depended on your ears to highlight the suspicious movement.

While playing, you can’t detect any bullet signs, enemies approaching using a vehicle, or footprints. That’s why PUBG PC is relatively difficulty from PUBG Mobile. Playing PUBG Mobile would bring a lot of advantages for you as you can see nearby enemies, detect who is shooting at players, as well as vehicle signs.


Controls are the essential parts of any game as they help you in defeating enemies and making your grip strengthen over the competition. Some players from all over the world find touch controls useful, but on the other hand, many players find touch controls limited as they have restricted their movement and actions over the game. It would be difficult for a mobile user to play PUBG PC because he has to use a keyboard with lots of options and choices he could make over the course.

PUBG PC is free of Bots

Developer makes the PUBG Mobile easy to play as compared to the PC version, so noob players could make their place and have chicken dinners. Therefore, sometimes they placed bots for new players to kill them within limited shots and enjoy kills. While on the other hand, there’s no bot in PUBG PC as real players from all over the world are competing against each other to be the last standing player.

In PUBG Mobile, you will confront at least 4 to 5 bots that can be easily killed, while playing PC version you find generally real people who are happy with the comfort of their keyboard and mouse. Nowadays, people are making money by selling PUBG Mobile Accounts. You also have an option to set PUBG Account for Sell after achieving a higher rank.

If we compared FPS rate of both game versions, we come to know that you can exceed the limit of 60FPS on mobile devices while using a PC, you can jump to 90 and 100 FPS to experience the smooth gameplay experience.

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