Playstation Plus Games Leaked for March 2020

Playstation plus has so far been kind to it’s subscribers this year. They have offered up several top tier gaming experiences for free to all their customers. Games such as the fantastic Nathan Drake collection, The sims 4. The wacky rag doll world of Goat Simulator or the absolutely brilliant Bioshock collection. Since February’s offerings we have been waiting patiently to see what’s next on offer in Sony’s free to download line up. Thankfully, a leak coming from the PlayStation store in Poland has gave us the information a day early. 

What’s on offer this month will be the fantastic sprawling journey, battling giant beasts to free your true love in Shadow of the Colossus HD. This was of course a remaster of the critically acclaimed PS2 classic made by the developers behind Ico and The Last Guardian. The latter of which was in our predictions for last month. We were so close.

A movie Tie in?

This will be paired with Sonic Forces which although not the most well received title in the franchise, is still a fun romp and it’s free so we can hardly complain. Although most critics were in unison with their mixed reviews, Most were in agreement that there were moments of brilliance hidden in this title. Showing the developers did have a cohesive vision for the game. So any Sonic fans out there who haven’t played this one. It may just be worth one play through.  Plus with the Sonic the Hedgehog movie killing it in the box office, it’s a topical choice from Sony.

Are you excited to get your hands on these titles Playstation plus titles? What are your predictions for next months free games? What are your thoughts on the Games on offer from PS Plus this year so far? Let us know in the comments. Also if you like this content why not check out some of our lists. We have exciting lists that cover Sequels that were crushed by their own hype. Or maybe you’d prefer games so perfect they don’t need a sequel. Check them out! As always, thanks for reading COG!



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