The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have existed within gamers’ homes for some time now. Because of this, rumors have surfaced regarding the successors to both consoles: the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Two. Though both Sony and Microsoft have said little regarding the topic, we can assume that console development has started at least (Microsoft confirmed “next-gen” development at E3). With that in mind, it seems wise to review everything we know in order to determine which console will begin the next generation.

PS5: What We Know So Far

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Sony has said next to nothing regarding future consoles, meaning we currently know little concrete facts about the PS5. Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped outside sources from revealing rumors that could have some merit behind them. For instance, reports from the Wall Street Journal indicate that Sony potentially plans on releasing a new system within the next three years. More evidence of this surfaced when Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida publicized a three-year business plan for the company. This plan predicts that profits will dip around 2021, likely due to market saturation of the PS4. Claims from both SemiAccurate and Marcus Sellars also state that several PS5 dev kits have already reached developers for a potential 2019 release.

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Though no solid facts of the PS5‘s features currently exist, we can speculate backward compatibility is possible due to updated patents filed by Sony. We can also say that VR and 4K TV support will likely return as both have become staples on the PS4. Other than that, we cannot be certain of any new features Sony could add to the new console.

Xbox Two: What We Know So Far

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Unlike Sony, Microsoft has made it very clear that development for the next iteration of the Xbox line has begun. During their E3 2018 presentation, Phil Spencer announced that the company has started working on the newest Xbox console. Leaked reports later revealed the system’s codename as Scarlett, and that multiple consoles are planned. Specifically, it seems that Microsoft plans on releasing two consoles: one traditional home console and a streaming system.

Regarding features, the Xbox Two will seem to focus on enhancing the TV gaming experience and won’t include VR support. Microsoft marketing director Mike Nichols revealed this earlier in the year, stating “We don’t have any plans specific to Xbox consoles in virtual reality or mixed reality”. This is surprising, considering the company had previously said that VR support testing was underway for the future.

What’s the Verdict?

Since no official presentations revealing either console have been made, we can only make educated guesses based on trends and rumors. With that said, it seems logical that Microsoft will beat Sony to the gate and begin generation nine with the Xbox Two. This would most likely result from the relatively poor sales performance from the Xbox One compared to Sony’s Ps4. Not only that, but Microsoft has already made their works on future systems known with Xbox Scarlett. Sony has made no such announcements. As to dates, a 2020 release date for the Xbox Two feels the most probable, with the PS5 not far behind in late 2020 or early 2021. If Microsoft does become the first to start the next generation of consoles, it’s unlikely that Sony will allow them to go on without any competition.

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