In a recent corporate meeting, Sony defined its plans for the future of PlayStation. Plans that revealed Sony‘s intention to keep PS4 as its lead console for the next three years. Ps4 is expected to keep players engaged thanks to the many exclusive AAA games that are still to come on the console. And it will make the transition to PS5 smoother and seamless when the next console is released.

On this note, Sony revealed that the PS5 will be backward compatible. On the next-generation, PS4 games will perform faster and better overall. Plus, it will count on new CPU and GPU technology to upscale last gen graphics, cut down load times and more. The PS5 will have an SSD, and provide Ray Tracing, 8K resolution, 3D audio, and disc support.PS5


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Sony also showed a video of both the PS5 and PS4 Pro loading the world of Marvel’s Spiderman. The PS5 displayed an incredible speed. In fact, the PS4 Pro was able to load the game’s world in about 8 seconds, while the PS5 took less than 1 second to do so. The next-gen console showed a remarkably high rendering speed, permitting fluid movements right off the bat, without suffering any lag or screen tear.

In the meantime, Sony still hasn’t announced a release date for its next-gen console, or how much it will cost. But it’s looking like the PS5 will probably arrive later than anticipated.

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