Six PS5 Games That Are All But Confirmed

With the recent announcement from Sony that they’ll be consolidating their first-party offerings under the ‘PlayStation Studios’ brand in an effort to unite consumer understanding of their offerings. We’ve decided to take a look what’s on the horizon for PS5 games, by looking at established SIE studios, recently purchased ones, and titles we can expect to see. Most of this is educated guess work, but that doesn’t mean we can’t expect certain games, or work from certain studios.

We’re talking about games that’ll be coming exclusively to PS5 (we hope), and collecting any information we have on those titles as of right now. A few of these studios don’t have anything confirmed in the works yet, but we can examine their track record to come up with ideas.

Bluepoint Games PS5 Game

For those of you unaware, Bluepoint Games are responsible for porting, remastering, and remaking plenty of Sony’s most notable titles. From the God of War Collection to the Shadow of the Colossus remake. They are a team that prides themselves on bringing old experiences to new players, which they make clear on their website:

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“Bluepoint has developed a history of delivering the highest quality remasters and remakes in the industry. But that’s not enough for us. Our latest project is the largest in our history, and aims to define the visual benchmark for the next generation of gaming hardware.”

Now, we don’t know what title Bluepoint Games are working on, but we can guess. It’s going to be visually stunning and the biggest game they’ve ever made. That infers it’s a ‘from the ground up’ remake at the very least. Chatter has been circulating about titles like Metal Gear Solid and Demon’s Souls being given a total overhaul. What we do know is that early in October last year they were confirmed to be working on a PS5 game, and then on October 31st they tweeted this:

Let’s get real – this is clearly them having some fun. You can pick out on-the-nose references to at least 5 PlayStation titles. There’s reference to Symphony of the NightSyphon Filter, Resistance, Demons Souls, Metal Gear Solid, and plenty more. So it could be any of them, or none of them. The comments went with Legend of Dragoon, so who really knows?

Legend of Dragoon PS5 game
image source

Marvel’s Spider-Man sequel from Insomniac Games

This is an obvious one, as soon as Sony bought up Insomniac Games talk of a sequel was circulating. Considering it’s one of the best selling PS4 Games in history it’s safe to assume that we’ll be getting a sequel. Although, Insomniac Games have been PlayStation Developers since Spyro, for the most part, so maybe we’ll be seeing a different title before Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

PS5 game Spider-Man
image source

When they joined Sony they had this to say:

“It’s been a crazy ride for sure. Now, we’re ready for the next phase of our journey, and can’t wait to explore new worlds with our Sony family and loyal fans.”

All that can be gleamed, if you’d call it that, is that they’ll be making new titles. Which down the line I don’t think anyone would disagree with. With fans clamouring for it, and that fake reddit leak about the sequel that made the rounds, nobody doubts we’ll be seeing the wall-crawler at some point on PS5.

Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrilla Games

As they do, VGC have said ‘sources’ told them that Horizon Zero Dawn, thanks to the first games success, is going to be part of a trilogy. Whilst there’s little doubt that the titles success means it’ll be getting a sequel, it pays to be cautious. What we do know is that Herman Hulst, the last head of Guerrilla Games and current head of Sony worldwide studios, told The Telegraph that they have a Horizon roadmap and will be in that business a “long time”.

Horizon Zero Dawn PS5 game
image source

So in whatever form the sequel(s) is, it’s coming.

God of War Sequel  from Santa Monica Studio

Again, an obvious one. There’s no official information, but we can hazard a guess that the critically and commercially acclaimed PS4 title will get a sequel. Gamesradar found the closest piece of proof outside of an official reveal.God of War sequel PS5

The proof comes in a job listing from Santa Monica Studio, which read “must have knowledge of God of War (2018) and be able to speak in depth about the combat systems, mechanics and enemies”. It doesn’t take a games journalist to figure out what that means.

PSVR title from SIE London Studio?

PSVR is still improving, but with next-gen hardware round the corner, we can expect Sony to push the boundaries of what console VR gaming means. We’ve had titles like Resident Evil 7 VR already, and the critically acclaimed Blood and Truth from SIE’s London Studio. Considering before that they’d been making SingStar, DanceStar and Eyepet we should expect something more in line with their most recent success.

image source – if it’s going to look like this, it needs to feel so much bigger

PSVR isn’t perfect yet, but Sony know that. When Chief Executive Kenishiro Yoshida spoke to The Financial Times he said: “There is much room for progress for VR. We need to continue improving our technology.”  So there’s room to improve that hopefully PS5 games can accommodate, because even when the technology gets there the PS5 is going to need a ‘killer app’ for VR. Much like Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx.

If PSVR 2.0 launches alongside PS5 and gives consumers real reason to buy, it could become a core part of the consoles brand.

Flagship racing from Gran Turismo and Polyphony Digital

Lastly we’ll take a quick look at a title and developer who’ve been largely absent since 2017. Questions then get asked, like will it be Gran Turismo 7 or GT Sport 2? Maybe something entirely new in line with Forza Horizon? Whilst those questions are yet to be answered the odds of there being a new Gran Turismo game are high.

Gran Turismo
image source

As PlayStations premiere racing franchise a sudden shelving of Gran Turismo at the launch of the PS5 wouldn’t make a lot of sense. It may evolve along with the next generation, but it’ll certainly be there.

That’s our Top 6 PS5 we can expect to see after the system launches? Are there PS5 games you want to see? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @thecognetwork. You can also check out news updates here. As always though, thanks for reading COG!

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