PS4 Deals – Last Chance to Buy

PS4 Deals You Can Get In On Right Now!

It’s a time like this that most of us just want to sit at home and play some video games. Well Sony have got you covered with some absolutely amazing deals. So many games have had their prices slashed and are on offer for a great price right now – so we’ve decided to show you some of the best PS4 deals you should be aware of!

Some of these deals expire in May, whilst others will end on the 29th of April! So get on these whilst you still have the chance.

Note – All of these deals are subject to the UK PS4 Store, pricing and offers may differ in different regions.

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PS4 Deals ending on May 8th

Resident Evil 4 

PS4 Deal on Resident Evil 4
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With plenty of hype and chat around a possible Resident Evil 4 Remake, now would seem like the best time to jump in on the game if you haven’t. Well until the 8th May you can pick up the title for a measly £6.49 as part of the ‘Big in Japan’ Sale. If you don’t want to be forking out lots of cash on the Resident Evil 3 Remake but still have a hankering for campy zombie action, this is the game for you.

Resident Evil

PS4 Deal on Resident EVIL
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At £3.99  this game is an absolute steal. Despite the somewhat aged tank controls and hilariously off kilter voice acting the 2002 remake of Resident Evil is a classic. It offers genuine horror and gorgeous visuals on PS4. With many even calling this version of Resident Evil the definitive one to play.

Tell you what, I’ll sell it to you this way. Did you like almost everything about the Resident Evil 2 & 3 Remakes? If so, this is definitely a title you can’t miss. At that price, you’re sure to get your moneys worth.

Okami HD

This game, for the unknowing, is the closest thing you’ll get to classic 3D Zelda on the PS4. With the anniversary of Majora’s Mask just passing us by, it seems oddly fitting that this game is on sale for just £8.99 until the 8th May.

PS4 Deal on Okami HD
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This PS2 title has been given the HD treatment, and it sees you controlling a White Wolf. You travel around classical Japan, which has been styled after the regions own art style. The gameplay is your typical Zelda-style action adventure. Except the addition of the ‘Celestial Brush’ which is used to literally draw on the screen to impact gameplay.

If you’ve got a desire to play some classic action adventure, Okami HD is the game for you.

PS4 Deals Ending April 29th – Get On These!

The Division 2

PS4 Deals
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Fancy dropping into a virus-ridden and war-torn Washington DC? Well funnily enough Ubisoft’s The Division 2 has got you covered. For £7.99 this game is a steal. Although you’ll want to jump on it right now! The sale ends on the 29th April, so this is your final warning.

A game that follows the popular looter-shooter online competitive formula will certainly keep you busy if you sink your teeth in. So I recommend jumping onto The Division 2 as fast as you can!

Horizon Zero Dawn

 Horizon Zero Dawn
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You’re reading this right, the hit PlayStation exclusive has been reduced from £15.99 to £9.99. Again you don’t have long at all to jump on this one. meaning if a current genre open world adventure takes your fancy you’ll need to be quick. With a unique blend of prehistoric style giant robots and early human ingenuity Horizon Zero Dawn is a truly unique experience that all PS4 owners should give a try.

With the price its at right now, there’s no better time!

Overcooked 2

Being stuck at hime with family or housemates means you’re going to eventually get on each others nerves. I offer an excellent solution. Get that anger and discomfort out of the way by playing Overcooked 2! For just £11.99.

Overcooked 2 gameplay
image source

This deceptively simple co-op game has you – and up to 3 others – prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning in a ‘kitchen’. However things will get interesting, or rather hectic, when the level design or ingredients start to take unexpected turns. Static pictures don’t do the co-ordination this game requires justice. You’ll be screaming and giving out orders, being stressed beyond belief. Although to be honest its so much fun you won’t even get that annoyed, you’ll just try again!

Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian 

Okay, I know you could call this cheating, but with both games being developed by Team ICO and being so aesthetically similar it makes some sense. Both of these titles are incredibly immersive, groundbreaking experiences with very little dialogue. You’ll find yourself being transported to another world, for a collective price around £20!

PS4 Deal Shadow of the Colossus The Last Guardian
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The Last Guardian is currently £11.09 and Shadow Of the Colossus is £9.99. Both games have been reduced from £29.99 and their prices go back up on April 29th. These PS4 Deals are absolutely not to be missed. If you want some titles to show people that will instantly have you winning the ‘video games are art’ argument then you need these games.

Sonic Mania

Oh, don’t mind this, the best 2D Sonic game is just under £10 for PS Plus members, no big deal.

Sonic Mania
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Not only does this game revitalise 2D Sonic better than SEGA ever could, but it also looks gorgeous! Honestly if you’ve never played 2D Sonic and don’t mind parting with £9.19 then this is an essential. The replay-ability on this title is also great. All round Sonic Mania offers something that game g had been missing for a long time. A solid Sonic game.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience 

Here we come to the best of the best. You have until midnight April 29th to pay £4.99 for Metal Gear Solid 5, and not just The Phantom Pain, but Ground Zero’s as well. Even just the main game on its own is worth it, but getting the full package and 36 DLC items is honestly the best deal here.

PS4 Deal MGSV 4.99
image source

Whilst we all know that this game ended unfinished, with the last few missions not being added to the game, this is still more than a full experience. The ability to truly approach missions any way you want makes it not just an essential stealth game, but an essential game all around.

With around 50 missions (and Ground Zeros) you’ll spend a long time sinking your teeth into what might be the final true Metal Gear Solid game. So what are you doing? Go out and buy it already!

Those are some of the PS4 Deals you don’t want to miss! Are you going to pick any of them up? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @thecognetwork. As always, thanks for reading COG!

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