Project Z: Game, Starring Goku, Could Have Issues

I love open world RPGs. I also love anime, Dragon Ball Z and Goku. So, by all accounts, I should be excited for the, as of this date, untitled “Dragon Ball Game: Project Z.” But there are a few aspects that have me worried for a number of reasons. Could it be unwarranted? I don’t think so. There are patterns that lead me to worry about the fate of this game.

Number 1: Same Old DBZ

That’s right. From what we can tell of the released images and trailer, this RPG seems to only span from Piccolo to Freeza. Odds are it will go beyond the Freeza arc to also include Cell and Majin Buu. But my point is that even if this game includes fights from Dragon Ball Super, we’ve played most of this game before.

Dragon Ball FighterZ had Android 21 and Xenoverse had tampering with the timeline. What can this RPG possibly add to the story to make us turn Super Saiyan yet again? I gotta tell you, Krillin’s death is beginning to wear thin.

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Number 2: Thrown Away Lessons from Legacy of Goku

People around my age grew up with the Legacy of Goku trilogy for the Game Boy Advance. And going back to these games you see that the first one does not hold up as well as the other two. There is currently no sign that one can play as anyone but Goku in the upcoming game, which may lead to a very linear template for what this new RPG can be.

RPGs are all about customization. But if all we have is Goku, it can lead to a very dull and predictable game. Legacy of Goku may have had other more damning offenses in it besides only being able to play as Goku, but it didn’t really help.

Number 3: No Gameplay Has Been Shown Yet

Of all my worries having to do with Project Z, this is the one most easily fixed. All we have seen so far of gameplay includes Goku walking from one side of the screen to the other. Of course, the gameplay could be amazing, but I have a question for you:

When was the last time you saw Goku walking in the show? He’s always running, screaming, teleporting and shooting energy blasts. My worry stems from the fact that we haven’t seen any gameplay yet. The trailer seems much more suited to show off how the game looks. And sure, the graphical capability looks to be a better-looking version the 3D fighters of the Budokai series. It looks nice but we need to see some action.

Look, I really hope that there will be nothing to worry about with this game. After all, how can one judge a game before it’s even named, let alone played? For all, I know, the next announcement will show the gameplay to be more dynamic, other characters may play larger roles than anticipated, and there may yet be a twist on the old DBZ formula. All the same, I can’t wait until we learn more about the game. Stay tuned to Culture of Gaming for more info on this project!

But what do you think? Should anyone be worried about this new Dragon Ball Z game? Are you willing to go through the series once again? Let us know in the comments below!

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