Project Cars 2 is the best racing game I have played in my entire life. That is a bold statement but one that holds true. The way Slightly Mad Studios brings true racing to life is completely unbelievable. Whether it is the hyperrealistic visuals or the ear stimulating roar of the engine this game is a masterpiece to the senses. This game is made for beginners and experts alike for racing video game fans. It was built to keep people playing for years to come with its addictive and breathtaking gameplay. In this review, I will be talking about career, multiplayer, realism and the community within this game. So buckle up, make sure you have gas in your tank, and let’s begin.


Career mode is the highlight of Project Cars 2. You start out by creating your character’s name, initials, and country of origin. You then select which tier of racing you want to join. There are six tiers in total and you can only select out of four tiers, to begin with. Tier six is the lowest out of all of them and only includes three racing classes. You select your class of vehicle and sign a contract with a team to get started on your career.

Project Cars 2

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I started with the Go-Kart class because I wanted to begin at the bottom and work my way up. Each class has a different amount of races to complete until you can complete that certain class. Once you complete a tier, you can advance to the next tier or you can play in some invitational events. The five invitational events are more so this games’ challenge sections. The events are Historic, Track Special, Low Grip, Road, and Supercar. There are multiple races to complete in each challenge but you can’t unlock some of the challenges until you beat a certain tier.


With career mode, you can have a total of five drivers saved and to select from. The point of this is that you can sign on with multiple contracts and start at different spots in your career. The main goal is to unlock tier one and be the best racer out on the tracks. In career mode, there are multiple trophies and goals to achieve. When you are signed in as a driver you can scroll over to the stat screen to see all of your accolades and your “affinity” to each car and manufacturer.


Seeing how many miles I have driven with a certain car or seeing my trophies all lined up is truly satisfying. If the AI is too difficult for you or if you are a beginner to racing games there are settings you can change to make it fit your play style. Slightly Mad Studios has honed this process to make it easy and effective for any skill level. You can fine-tune the settings to make it as realistic as any driving experience or set your settings to help you brake on time by signposting when to brake on a turn. You can tell how much love Mad Studios put into this game and how much they want the consumer to enjoy it.



Multiplayer could possibly be the only drawback to this masterpiece of a game. When you select multiplayer you are brought to a screen that has all of the races and lobbies that are available to join. You can pick from premade races that other players have started or make your own. Making your own race would be the best bet if you are wanting to race right away but, you still have to wait for others to join. Joining someone else’s lobby can sometimes be frustrating because all I wanted to do was get in and take on other players. Instead, I am a being teased by the spectating screen, watching my prospective competitors racing. This is a cool way to scope out the competition but I just wanted to get into a game and take on the world.


Something Slightly Mad Studios did that was really cool to experience and see are online, weekly events called  Race Weekend. You can set up a custom race series for your upcoming weekend and players can join in and sign up to your race. This is really well done because if you want to play with your friends or even a bunch of unacquainted racing enthusiast, they can sign up and be notified when the big race is about to start.


If it is raining your car’s tires will be slicker on the pavement and you need to adjust accordingly. You even have to pay attention to the details of other racers. If the racers came off of the track, the dirt and rubble they bring back in can even impact your grip on the road. All of this can be done in the options tab.


Project Cars 2


The options tab on the home and pause screen lets you customize every single thing about the game. Is the game too difficult for you? Tune the AI to be less aggressive and less difficult. Do you have a 4K TV and the game doesn’t look to visceral for you? Go to visual FX and fine tune the graphics for the exact look that you want.


Slightly Mad Studios has a giant following in the Project Cars franchise. Esports is a main component of this series and the studio made sure you are aware of this. There is a community tab on the home screen that takes you to various sections about the sport. You can easily click on news and get the latest on the racers and events coming up for Project Cars 2.


There is even a section where you click and it takes you to all of the streamers on Twitch who are playing the game. This community tab was personally my favorite because you can see what other racers are doing and it is easy to get connected with the latest eSports news. They even have shirts and jackets you can order if you are so inclined to do so to show off your love for Project Cars 2.


All in all, this game was so much fun to play as a racing game fan. Slightly Mad Studios has fine-tuned the racing experience and wants you to enjoy it as much as they do. They have made a game so realistic that you have to pay attention to your environment. This game is hard but once you understand the mechanics or when you are supposed to break or slow down it becomes a truly addictive experience. Project Cars 2 has multiple hours of gameplay and if you have ever wanted to play or do play a racing game then this game is for you.

Hyperrealistic Graphics
Highly Addicting
Racing Done Right
Made for Beginners and Experts
Multiplayer could be better

Review Summary

This game is an exhilarating game that all racers should play. This game deserves a 10/10 but the lack of a solid multiplayer brought it down. Project Cars 2 is hands down a racing game that everyone should own.

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