Prince of Persia Footage from Cancelled Game Surfaces

To continue the mysterious string of Prince of Persia rumors lately, unseen footage from a cancelled title surfaced a couple of hours ago on Youtube. The footage, titled “Prince of Persia Redemption“, shows three minutes of gameplay for the cancelled title. The most confusing part? The video’s upload date was March 1st, 2012.

You can find a link to the cancelled games footage here.

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The footage was uploaded on a small channel with 33 subscribers and is the only video by the user. It’s unclear how this footage has been uploaded for so long without Ubisoft or someone else making it known. The user must have had the video uploaded as either private or unlisted. How or why they have the footage is also confusing, as former gaming animator Jonathan Cooper posted on Twitter giving details on the video:

What Do We Know About the Game?

So, the footage isn’t even gameplay for the game, but a pre-rendered pitch to show off the title to Ubisoft. Clearly never meant to be released, its upload to Youtube becomes even more confusing. Also its surfacing now seems to have no real meaning, as recent Prince of Persia news has been only rumours. Perhaps the uploader figured 8 years was long enough to hold onto this cancelled Prince of Persia footage?

Prince of Persia cancelled game
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Cooper goes on to say in the Twitter thread that, “sadly Ubisoft are generally quicker to cancel Prince of Persia games than others IPs because AFAIK original creator Jordan Mechner still holds license rights so the profit margins are lower”.

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