Predicting Smash Ultimate Mii Outfits and Songs

With some time passing after the latest Nintendo Direct/Banjo’s introduction to Smash Ultimate, the rumor mill runs rampant. While we love to speculate about future fighters, there was an interesting turn of events when a certain skeleton chose to lazily join Smash.

Say what you will of Terry Bogard, but many would argue that his announcement was not as exciting and unexpected as Sans‘s. It’s hard to say how a Mii Outfit is apparently more engaging than a full-blown character, but let’s digress and turn our attention towards our Undertale character for a moment. Up to now, Mii Outfits didn’t do much besides feel like a stab in the gut for those who were in hopes that a certain character would be playable. While it’s difficult to say whether that will continue to hold true during Smash Ultimate‘s run, the outfits themselves were okay. If you are a fan of the characters, you will likely buy the outfit, stuff your Mii into it, and pretend that Zero or Protoman is playable (when they really aren’t).

And then Sans came to Smash Ultimate.
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But with Sans, we got something else entirely different. We didn’t just get a new outfit; we also got a song. Of course, it’s great that Toby Fox got to contribute one song with Sans, but consider the possibilities this may open up. What if Nintendo plans to have more bundles where you can buy a Mii Outfit with song? It might sound silly to consider, but many people do seem to agree on this possibility.

Geno’s return to Smash coming soon?

One can easily point at the Geno spirit in the game and simply dismiss this argument, but there is one piece of the puzzle currently missing: where is Geno’s Mii Outfit? During Joker’s reveal, we saw how Knuckles and Tails were the Brawler and Gunner while The Protagonists of Persona 3 and Persona 4 were Mii Swordsmen. These are all Sega games (which also includes Atlus). So when it came time to show which Mii Outfits would be releasing alongside Square‘s Hero, many thought we would see “Mii Gunner Geno” again. But we didn’t.

Wherefore art thou?
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Curiously, some speculators noticed that Nintendo was taking down certain Super Mario RPG songs from the Internet. In particular, they were “Beware the Mushrooms (Forest Theme)” and “Fight Against an Armed Boss”. This could just be Nintendo being Nintendo, but it could also mean more.

Let’s suppose though that Geno is coming back as a Mii Gunner. Besides giving us a more proper head like what they did with Sans, what if you were to buy the Geno outfit and got one or two songs to go with him? One that could play on any Mario stage? Suddenly the options open up considerably on how Sakurai can “lessen the blow” on debunked characters, but also to give them a song so it can feel like they did have an impact.

So, which characters could fit this criteria? A few come to mind.

Mii Brawler

To start off our speculation game, we have the Miis that resolves their issues through punching. We do have a considerable range of unarmed fighters from the world of video games, so it was rather difficult to come up with three fair guesses.


While there’s doubts that we would get a Mii Brawler with no limbs, there’s no denying that Rayman not being playable is rather jarring; especially considering how it wasn’t too long ago that Ubisoft taught Mario how to shoot a gun for the first time in his life. Still, whether it’s a Rayman look-alike or maybe even a Rabbid dressing up as a Mario character, both series have an impressive library of music for Smash to tap into. If you play the Rayman games, you probably have a song in mind, but here’s one that could work within Smash Ultimate.

Tekken Rep

So this one is a bit of a bother for the same reason as Geno. Many fans who play the character speculation game will tell you that a Mii Outfit serves as a safe means to debunk a character. But there are a small handful of costumes that were in Smash 4 that have not made the jump to Smash Ultimate. Or at least not yet.

The one we are referring to is the Heihachi outfit and we have no clue what Nintendo plans to do with it. Could Tekken see a playable character in Smash soon? Or perhaps we will see the outfit for both Heihachi and Akira (Virtual Fighter) arrive when Terry does? Either way, Tekken does have a lovely collection of music to pick from and any one of them would do nicely here.


So admittedly, this is a stretch to consider since we already have two different ARMS characters as Mii Brawlers: Springman and Ribbon Girl. Still, if Sakurai were to showcase a kind of “Future of Smash” through Mii Outfits, there’s no denying that having one more ARMS rep would be rather telling. Not sure who it would be, but it’d probably be a safe bet that it would be for Ninjara. If this were to happen though, you can probably guess the theme we would get here since the various ARMS themes can be rather catchy to fight to.

Mii Swordsman

Next, we have our weapon user for when punching someone in the face isn’t enough. What’s fun to consider here is how unlike the Brawler, the Swordsman does seem to open a bit more variety on iconic characters with iconic themes. For example:

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight has already made quite the impact as an assist trophy in Smash. Many would hold out on a hope that Shovel Knight could still be playable, but it does seem rather unlikely that will happen. Still, it could be very much possible that the Swordsman could toss the sword and pick himself up a shovel and charge into battle with Shovelry on his side. And if that were to happen, it would be pretty easy to guess the song he would bring with him. It could be fun to hear a Smash-ified version of this lovely tune.


Oh Final Fantasy VII… How is it that you still only have two songs to your name in Smash Ultimate? Even Dragon Quest was able to find a workaround and got to draw in two songs from four different games…

In spite of the irony some could draw, you could say that Final Fantasy VII‘s OST is legendary. If your mind doesn’t immediately go towards the battle theme or the boss theme, you’re probably thinking about “One Winged Angel”. This one would certainly be a stretch, but it would be rather funny to see a Mii Outfit with Sephiroth run around and attempt to look menacing while his theme is blasting on Midgar.

It is wishful thinking, but it could be one way for Square to give the fans what they want. That and seeing Sephiroth as a Mii Swordsman would seem more likely than us getting to see a “Tifa Mii Brawler” (even though that one would sell like hotcakes).

Itsuki Aoi

Because the internet loves them some “Anime Swordfighters from Fire Emblem,” why not consider seeing one as a Mii Swordsman? As hilarious as it would be to say the Mii Outfit from Fire Emblem would be Byleth from Three Houses, it’s probably more likely that we see a reference to Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and see the lead get a Mii Outfit. From there, we could use this time to throw in one of the many various musical pieces in the game (although in fairness it could likely be the battle theme). What better time than now if the game is coming to Switch?

Mii Gunner

To wrap things up, let’s look at the Gunner. You might be saying to yourself, “Why bother? We got Sans and Megalovania! We need nothing else!” Well, there are still a few gunners who could have a song or two to throw our way and it never hurts to add in some variety on top of the lazy bones.


It’s hard to imagine that in a game where you have bounty hunters hunting bounty hunters, you have one particular stand out that isn’t Samus Aran. Sylux is someone who we know next to nothing about other than two details: he uses a shock Coil and hates Samus and the Galactic Federation. Rumors are running rampant about how he will be the main antagonist in the upcoming Metroid Prime 4, and Nintendo could help market the game by giving players the option to turn their gunner into Sylux while getting a song from either Metroid Prime Hunters or perhaps even a small teaser of a feature song in the upcoming sequel.

Marco/Metal Slug Cast

There were many hopeful players that honestly thought that this was going to happen. When the SNK trademark, fans were under the impression that Metal Slug was going to be in Smash Ultimate, but in the end, it went to Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury/King of Fighters. Still, that isn’t to say that fans should give their hopes up just yet since it is entirely possible during the “Mii Costumes Round 4” montage, we could see a reference or two to various SNK games. While Samurai Shodown could likely see a Mii Swordsman (shocking prediction, I know…) now could be the best time for a reference to SNK‘s popular shooter title and get a nice song to go with it.

Rabbid Peach

So this might be a “double-dipping” from what we did discuss for Rayman, but it’s also possible that the Rabbids could get a chance to get into Smash as Mii Outfits. As fun as it would be to see them as a Mii Swordsman and use a plunger to attack everyone, the gunner would fit them perfectly as this could be a fun reference to Kingdom Battle. As for which rabbid to pick, that would be tricky. You could pick from any of them, but it is probably fair to say that Rabbid Peach was the standout character from the game. With all that said, it bears repeating (pun wasn’t intended) that Grant Kirkhope is really an amazing composer and we would be lucky to have another of his songs added to the game.

Could We See Another Mii/Music Combo in Smash Ultimate?

Do you think it’s possible for us to get another Mii Outfit and song combo like Sans? Or was it a one-and-done deal? And if it were to happen, which character would you like to see get a Mii Outfit and which song would you tie it with?

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