Power Up Podcast #83 – 2K Men In Black | Bully 2?!?

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In this week’s Power Up Podcast, Taylor is joined by Anthony, Andrew and newcomer to the show, Daniel as they discuss 2K Men in Black policy on streamers and YouTubers, Bully 2 Rumours, and so much more.

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The leading topic of this week was the news relating to 2K sending Men in Black to a YouTubers house concerning Borderlands 3 rumours and details.

Following this, we discuss a couple of rumours floating around the internet relating to Bully 2, GTA 6 and another potential Rockstar game.

Then, we discuss new policies Nintendo, PlayStation and Microsoft are taking towards loot boxes and in-game microtransactions as a whole.

And lastly, Modern Warfare digital Monsters that feed off your kills.

These were just some of the topics from this weeks show, make sure to let us know what we may have missed in this weeks Power Up Podcast and what you would like us to discuss or have on our show. We are looking at having a couple of big names on the show for interviews so if you have any suggestions for such, please let us know.

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Anthony Dennis

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