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In this week’s show, Taylor is joined by Andrew, Anthony, and returning guest, Ethan as they recap the week’s news, trends, politics and more!

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Kicking things off for our leading topic this week, Ninja has decided to up and leave Twitch for Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform. Could this mean Ninja is returning to his Halo roots? what could this signify for Twitch? The guys discuss just how this could affect Twitch and who will be taking Ninja’s place as the king of streaming on Twitch?

Following this, Anthony discusses the recent news of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all emailing the US Government regarding new Tariffs to be imposed on China. This will, in turn, hurt the Video Game Industry and potentially hurt thousands of Jobs. What could this mean for gaming as a whole?

Following this, Ethan discusses the recent ESA Media leak from E3 2019 and how this has affected more than 2,000 Journalists, and influencers alike. Could we see a class-action lawsuit coming out of this? Is this the end of E3 as we know it?

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