Hello and welcome to another episode of the Power Up Podcast. In this one, Taylor is out of town so Anthony is thrust into the Hosting position for this weeks Show. Anthony is joined by hosts Andrew Duron, Mike Sol, and newcomer to both Culture of Gaming and the Podcast, Nick Micevsci to discuss the weeks gaming news, trends, personal opinions on the gaming industry, and much more!

Kicking things off this week, the guys discuss their opinions on the recent Sony/Microsoft Partnership and what this could mean for both companies in the Gaming industry. Should Microsoft be focusing more on their First Part Lineup? Is Sony foolish to team up with Microsoft? The hosts discuss all these possibilities and more.

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Next up, Mike discusses the recent announcement that the Resident Evil 2 Remake engine is set to push the series into next gen. Capcom is working hard to adapt the engine for the use with next-gen consoles. Capcom has stated that multiple games will be using this engine for many years to come.

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Next up, Is the Last of Us 2 finished Development? Watch the whole episode to find out our thoughts on the new game, what this could mean for Sony and if it could be a PS5 launch title.

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These are just some of the topics we discussed this week. make sure you listen to the whole episode to catch up on all topics discussed in this episode.

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