E-sport bettors are always on the lookout for sites that offer outstanding betting bonuses.  These bonuses make wagering experiences better and more exciting. The bonuses can be in form of a signup offer, a welcome bonus, festive season betting offers, and many more.

Bettors come across enormous rewards while betting, some of which are great and others not so great. In a bid to help bettors choose rewards that are the best, we have outlined prominent bonuses you should look out for in betting sites.

Signup Bonuses.

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These are the first rewards you get upon registration into a betting site. These bonuses are signup rewards given only to new members. There are two types of signup benefits; the no deposit sign up offers and the signup offers that require a deposit. The no deposit sign up offer doesn’t require you to make payments into your betting account before claiming your bonus while the other requires deposits.

New customer bonuses.

 These rewards are similar to sign up rewards, as they can be used by new registered customers only. These rewards can only be used once and that’s at the point of registration. The bonuses can be risk-free bets bonuses and welcome free bets bonuses.

Welcome free bets bonuses.

Welcome free bets bonuses are rewards that you claim when you make your first deposit with a bookmarker. You would be offered certain percentage bonuses on your first deposit or the percentage bonuses might depend on the amount you deposit.

Welcome Risk-free bet bonuses.

These bonuses help secure your first deposit. Perhaps the wager loses his bet this bonus is activated and the deposit remains untouched, In case of a win, the risk-free bet welcome bonus is not activated.

Mobile app bonuses.

Some bonuses are attached to certain requirements and one of them is mobile app bonuses. This bonus requires you to wager on a mobile app instead of on a desktop. This particular bonus can only be activated when a mobile app is downloaded. Bonuses that are activated using a browser can be activated using a mobile app, but bonuses that are specifically activated using a mobile app cannot be activated on a desktop browser as you must have the app installed on your mobile device to claim your reward.

No deposit bonuses.

Bettors are always on the lookout for bonuses like this as this type of bonus doesn’t require deposits to be activated. Just open an account with the betting site and claim your reward that’s all. Well, most times that’s all, Other times, these bonuses require some strenuous steps to follow.

It is advised to read through the terms and conditions of the no deposit bonuses you want to activate in order not to end up with rewards that are accessible.

Risk-free bets bonuses.

This bonus helps secure your deposit in case you lose your bet. Risk-free bets can come in different forms depending on the betting site. It should be noted the deposit attached to risk-free bets are only returned if the punter loses the bet. 

Token of appreciation bonuses -Free bets.

These bets are gotten as means of appreciation or rewards for commitments, referrals, or publicity. Claiming this appreciation free bet bonus might require you to complete a certain task, it might require you to invite friends and get them registered or have you place a certain amount of bet within a specific period.

Free bets bonuses.

These are bonuses punters are always in search of because they allow you a bet without taking money. If a loss is incurred as a result of this bet the bettor isn’t affected as the bet was placed with free bonus funds reward from a bookmarker.  you must have a functioning account with the bookmarker who is giving out the bonuses. The free funds would be placed in those accounts. 

Match betting reload bonuses.

Of all regular betting offers, that are not attached to a requirement like being a new customer, a customer with a mobile app, match betting reload bonuses are the best. These are bonuses given to customers when they simply reload their betting accounts, they reload by depositing money into their account during the bookmakers reload period.  Bookmark reload periods might differ, some bookmarks have a stipulated day of the week in which they reload which is called the special days of the week reload. We also have the festive season reload bonus, this bonus is restricted to subscriptions made by the punter at specific times during a festive period. 

Choosing the best bonuses can improve your betting experience by 100%. There are hardly any e-sport betting sites with no betting bonuses, but there are a lot of bonuses that are not beneficial. The bookmakers in betpack offer you prominent e-sport betting bonuses that best suits you. We at betpack offer you the best and most rewarding free betting bonuses.