Not only is the Island Challenge returning to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon later this year but you will be able to compete in Mantine Surf mode and join the Alola Photo Club.

A new Trial has been added to the Island Challenge in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon and players will have to come to the aid of Legendary Pokémon Necrozma.

You will also be able to ride the waves with Mantine and compete in the Mantine Surf sport where Trainers vie for the highest score by pulling off a variety of moves.

The new Alola Photo Club allows Trainers to take photos together with their Pokémon and choose backgrounds, camera angles, Trainer outfits and poses. These photos can then be shared with other players.

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, there will be more than 400 Pokémon available to discover, capture and train.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon hits stores November 17th.

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