The Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo direct gave us a 15 minute look into the new Pokemon games coming later this year. Here is everything shown.

Release Date

The release date for the newest Pokemon games was revealed for November 15th this year. Starting today, people can preorder a double pack including both games.

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Camera Control and Environment

Pokemon games in the past have always been locked at a fixed perspective. This time, the player has full control over the camera and some hints were given that the environment will have Pokemon residing in them, but not to the degree that the Let’s Go games had.


Dynamaxing your Pokemon is the new big feature that Sword and Shield provides. A dynamaxed Pokemon becomes massive for three turns and their attacks become very powerful. Any Pokemon can be Dynamaxed, but only one per battle can do it.

Max Raid Battles

Pokemon Sword and Shield provide opportunities for four player raid battles against an always dynamaxed Pokemon. All four work together to weaken it and then try to catch it. During the battle, only one trainer can dynamax their Pokemon. Also, some Pokemon will be exclusively caught from dynamax battles.

New Pokemon

A few new Pokemon were shown off for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Wooloo is a sheep Pokemon thats wool is very treasured by a town in the Galar region.

Gossifleur is a flowering Pokemon. It favors areas with clean air and water and is said to have healing properties. It’s evolved form Eldegoss is the bloom Pokemon that kind of looks like an enemy from Kingdom Hearts III’s Tangled level. All that was said on this was its seeds can promote growth in plants and revitalize people and Pokemon.

Drednaw is a bite Pokemon. It’s sharp jaw can bite off rock and iron. It’s nature makes it a difficult Pokemon to tame.

Corviknight is a raven Pokemon. It is a flying taxi that takes the place of the flying HM. It transport you to any town you previously entered.

New People

Leon is the champion of the Galar region and, he is seen with a Charizard and is undefeated.

Hop is your rival and is Leon’s younger brother looking to become champion.

The professor of the Galar region Professor Magnolia. She specializes in studying dynamaxing.

Sonia is professor Magnolia’s grand daughter and assistant.

Milo is one of the gym leaders who focuses on the grass type.

Pokemon Gyms

Pokemon gyms make their return to this Pokemon game. These are big stadiums where tons of civilians come to watch. The stadiums are specially designed for Dynamax battles in mind and the gym leaders will have one very powerful dynamax focused Pokemon for you to encounter.

Legendary Pokemon

The Legendary Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta bear a sword and shield and will have an impact on the story. Although legendary Pokemon look to be battling each other most of the time, these two looked to be taking on something else in the reveal trailer. Might not be anything, but important to note regardless.

And that’s it for this Pokemon event. Be sure to check out our future E3 coverage for the latest news, Livestream and more.

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