Pokémon has always revolved around the bonds created between players and their Pokémon. While these creatures share a common cuteness or coolness to them, it should come as no surprise that some are loved more than others. Of course, as more and more Pokémon have joined the franchise, fans began to helm the general creed that no Pokémon is unloved. One fan set out to test this idea.

In a recent Pokémon Reddit Poll created by user Mamamia 1001, over 52,000 people voted on their favorite Pokémon. In an interesting turn of events, four received zero votes: Silcoon, Gothita, Eelektrik, and Yungoos. Though this survey definitely proves that not every Pokémon is adored by someone, the mere fact that almost every Pokémon received at least one vote gives the belief some credit.

Pokémon Reddit Poll

Source: [The Official Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee website]

Of course, the survey also revealed some of the most popular Pokémon. As expected, the top ten consisted of some of the normal charges, such as Charizard and Eevee. You can find the ten most popular Pokémon from the survey below, and you can see the full results here.

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  1. Charizard – 1,107 votes
  2. Gengar – 1,056 votes
  3. Arcanine – 923 votes
  4. Bulbasaur – 710 votes
  5. Blaziken – 613 votes
  6. Umbreon – 607 votes
  7. Lucario – 604 votes
  8. Gardevoir – 585 votes
  9. Eevee – 581 votes
  10. Dragonite – 551 votes

How do you feel about these results? What’s your favorite Pokémon? Let us know in the comments below! For more Pokémon-related content, check out our editorial on the recent Pokémon Sword and Shield controversy, or take a look at our article exploring Nintendo mobile. Otherwise, keep it on Culture of Gaming for all things gaming!

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