The Pokémon Company and co-developer DeNA presented more info regarding their new smartphone game, Pokémon Masters during a stream earlier today. The game premiered during the Pokémon 2019 Press Conference earlier this year. It originally had a release window of 2019, and has now has been confirmed for a Summer 2019 release. The stream also provided more details regarding the gameplay and story.

Pokémon Masters takes place on the artificial island of Pasio, home of the Pokémon Masters League Tournament. Notable Pokémon trainers from all over the Pokémon world have come to participate in the event. As a new trainer with his/her own partner Pokémon, you will travel around Pasio while battling and developing teams with these trainers. Once trainers join your team, you can battle alongside them in order to collect gym badges and become the champion.

Pokemon Masters

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Unlike mainline Pokémon games, battles in Pokémon Masters are real-time three-vs-three matches. Once your move gauge is full, you can unleash one of the two moves in your Pokémon’s arsenal. You can also use Sync moves unique to the trainer and his/her partner Pokémon. What’s more, trainers can use their own moves as well, which will either heal or boost the stats of their Pokémon. According to The Pokémon Company, trainers and their partner Pokémon are called Sync Pairs, with 65 of them available at launch and more coming at later points.

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What do you think of Pokémon Masters? What trainers are you looking forward to using? Let us know in the comments below! For more Pokémon content, check out our news article about how four Pokémon received zero votes in a recent Reddit poll, or take a look at our recent editorial regarding the Pokémon Transfer Controversy. Otherwise, keep it on Culture of Gaming for all things gaming!

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