Pokémon Let’s Go Might Disappoint People and That’s Okay

Pokémon Let’s Go releases next week and that is an exciting time for people. They are getting their first true Pokémon experience on the Nintendo Switch (Pokken Tournament does not count). Nintendo has done a great job communicating that Let’s Go will not be a core Pokémon game. However, I am still nervous that people are going to buy it and be very disappointed. That disappointment will come from the missing wild Pokémon battles and a game geared towards Pokémon Go players.

The Pokémon Go Connection

When Pokémon Go first released it was a game changer. Everyone was playing it. Of course, after sometime people fall away from a product. Pokémon Go did not have a traditional Pokémon game feel to it. No battles, no trading (at the time), and like other mobile games it had plenty of microtransactions. For many people (including me), it was not the Pokémon experience that I could take anywhere that I wanted. Simply, it was not a game for me at the time.

That is completely okay though. Pokémon Go is still a world-wide sensation. Regardless if you never touch the game anymore, millions of people are consumed by it with regular updates. Earlier this year, my daughter and I gave it a try for the first time since its launch and we were addicted the entire summer. I joined a Discord group that would update on raids in the area and the people we met were genuinely nice. They were always waiting to make sure everyone was ready, and everyone felt for the people that missed out on the Pokémon at the end of the raid.

Why Buy Let’s Go?

When the Pokémon Let’s Go games were announced earlier this year, I was excited. At first glance it looked like a remaster of the old Red, Blue, and Yellow games. The ones that started the Pokémon phenomenon. Then came the reports that this was going to be much more like Pokémon Go and it put me a little off. If I have the free game on my phone why would I pay $60 to play it on my Switch? $120 if you want both games to collect every Pokémon. An additional $50 if you want the PokéBall Plus (which seems to be the gimmick of this game). If you do not have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you are paying even more to play online and trade with people not around you.

Then I saw my daughter’s excitement one day when a Let’s Go commercial popped up. At that moment, I realized something. It is completely okay that this game was not made for me. It’s to help make a younger audience feel more included in the Pokémon world. Your Pikachu or Eevee are constantly with you even outside of battles like in the show. You can choose to have an additional Pokémon follow you around the world. You can even change up Pikachu’s and Eevee’s hairstyle.

Why I Am Buying Let’s Go

The game being on the Switch also allows for two joy-cons to allow local cooperative gameplay. We can both try catching Pokémon and battling gym leaders. It is going to be one of the most exciting things for me to do with her as a gaming father. I remember how excited I was when I was her age and I got to travel the Kanto region. Now I get to do it all over again with her by my side. That is so exciting.

We are still getting our main Pokémon line series game for the Switch next year. In the meantime, I am super excited to play Pokémon Let’s Go cooperatively with my daughter. It was not made specifically for me or people that grew up with the games. It was made to bring everyone together that enjoys Pokémon.

Are you excited to play Pokémon Let’s Go? Let us know in the comments and if you are not a Pokémon fan like our writer Ethan, check out his article on what he thinks the new games might do for him HERE.

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John Hansen

When John was 4 years-old, his mom bought a Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 and the rest is history. Since that day, John has fallen in love with countless gaming franchises and has dived deep into the varied experiences of the many different gaming worlds. Nowadays, John has a beautiful daughter of his own who loves Minecraft, Pokémon, and the Lego games. John spends most of his gaming time playing Overwatch or whatever new game has caught his eye at the time. Outside of gaming, John has just finished his online classes for Ashford University where he completed a Bachelor’s degree for Journalism and Mass Communication. He has also started a Youtube gaming channel and is teaching himself how to edit videos and co-hosts a small hour long gaming podcast called the Pixel Street Podcast. With future goals of becoming a professional video game journalist, you can find John's blogs on multiple websites.

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