PlayStation State of Play: Predictions

State of Play stream will focus on PS4 and PSVR

On August 6th, Sony will be hosting another PlayStation ‘State of Play’ stream. Set to be over 40 minutes long, this event will mainly cover PS4 and PSVR news, with a few PS5 updates. As this stream could have some big news for the current console generation, I’ve put together some predictions.

Avengers: PlayStation exclusive gameplay?

With the recent announcement that Spider-Man will be a PlayStation exclusive character in Marvel’s Avengers, fans have been in uproar. Moreover, there have been further announcements of some timed exclusive content for Sony‘s consoles, such as skins and emotes. So, with this in mind, a short segment covering PlayStation exclusive content for the game might be in order. As the game is due to release on PS4 on September 4th, it could be included in the current gen focus of the stream. And, who knows, we might even get a glimpse of some Spider-Man gameplay to entice people to buy a Sony console.

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The final word on PS4 accessories

There’s been a lot of announcements from Sony recently about what PlayStation accessories or controllers will work with PS5. So, it seems reasonable that Sony might address this in the State of Play stream. Yes, they’ve already made clear what will and won’t work, but given that the stream concerns mainly current gen stuff, we might expect a blanket announcement. Or, there could be further news about what will function. With the focus clearly on the PS4, any PS5 news will be limited, but information regarding the transition between consoles is possible.

PSVR Games and Gameplay

The other main focus for the stream is announcements for PSVR. And, with a couple of big VR games due to release this year, some gameplay could be shown. Games like Vader Immortal and The Walking Dead Onslaught are due to come out this year, so fans would love to see a bit of these. It’s possible that future PSVR games could also be announced during the stream. With Resident Evil being adapted for VR with Resident Evil 7, we could see news of Resident Evil: Village coming to PSVR in the future.

Indie update

The only news we’ll be getting on PS5 is an update on indie games and third-party games. These will only be the games shown in the previous June showcase, so don’t expect new reveals. However, we could still get a closer look at games like Stray or Bugsnax. This could involve short gameplay reveals, as the runtime for the event is at least 40 minutes. And, with the potential for third-party games, we could see more of games like Project Athia from Square Enix. Other such games could be seen during the stream, but don’t get your hopes up. Sony has made clear that there will only be “quick check-ins” for PS5 titles; there won’t be much content if you’re only interested in the next gen PlayStation console. Still, be aware that there’ll still be a bit more to see from these new indie games.

The stream will start at 4:00 pm ET, or 9:00 pm BST if you’re a UK resident. For those in other time zones, there is a list here of all the times around the world for the State of Play stream.


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