PlayStation plus: Our February predictions

As we step away from our screens after being gifted two wildly contrasting experiences from PlayStation plus in January. These of course being the wonderful Nathan Drake collection and the zany, chaotic fun of goat simulator. We can now look forward to another batch of free titles ready for download in February free of charge for all playstation plus subscribers.

As usual we are still in the dark as to what these titles may be but based on the usual output, we can assume it may be an aged ps4 title and a charming indie game. With that in mind, here are our predictions of what might be on offer in this month’s free game bundle.

The last guardian

A somewhat forgotten title of this generation. From the developers that brought us Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, came a very interesting concept. In this title, after waking up alone in the ruins of an ancient civilization, you come across a freakishly large creature which you must teach how to traverse the world with you if you are to survive. This game had it’s critics upon release with many saying that the mechanics were a bit wonky to be generous. However the aesthetic is reminiscent of the developers previous titles and the narrative is decent. It also has many similarities to Ico in that co-dependency between player and companion is emphasised to great effect. So if your looking for something a little different, this would be a welcome addition to any Ps4 owners library.

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This indie dialogue driven gem had a decent release back in February 2016 and received very favourable reviews. In this title you control Henry who is the fire lookout for a forest in Wyoming. From there the story unfolds and is paced competently throughout. With a beautiful warm palette art style and heavy focus on narrative and exploration, it’s easy to see the charm of this indie hit. With the game currently sitting at eighty percent off on the playstation store, it’s a good bet that they might be giving this one away at the start of next month four years after it’s initial release.

Dying light

With production of dying light’s next title currently going through a rough patch after Techland’s indefinite delay of the sequel, there’s a good chance that this one might be slid into playstation owner’s download list to keep the title on the minds of consumers. Dying light was met with generally favourable reviews with most of the criticism lying with its flat narrative. However, the zombie evading parkour gameplay is what gave this franchise the platform for a sequel and if you haven’t treated yourself to it, this may be your chance to do it free of charge.


This is what happens when you take a visual novel, RPG’s and basketball to create a unique sports game strategy masterpiece. The narrative focuses around your team of criminals in a strategy based fight for freedom from their purgatory and return to the commonwealth after exile. It will have you make careful plays and considering difficult decisions all with a unique and fun gameplay style. Pyre of course comes from developers of Bastion and previous PS plus giveaway, Transistor. This one may be more wishful thinking but we believe that enough time has passed and another supergiant developed title maybe gifted to us very soon.

Are there any titles that you think are a sure thing for the playstation plus treatment next month? Is there anything on your wishlist for the rest of the year? Let us know in the comments. Also, if you liked this article why not subscribe for more of this great content or check out the article below!

Dying Light 2 At E3 2019

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