PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is set for a release on the Xbox One.

Developer Bluehole Games released a tweet on the official PUBG Twitter page confirming the Xbox release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Details about the release date are still unknown, but some have speculated that the Xbox release will come about within the year.

There are new features on the way too.

Bluehole Games has also released a blog post explaining what players should expect in terms of new features. Vaulting and climbing will be added to test servers at some point in November. Depending on the feedback, these new features will quickly be added to PUBG’s regular servers. They should be included once the Xbox version rolls out.

The massively popular online shooter has been a huge success on Steam, even surpassing Dota 2 in most online players at one time. A console release has been considered for quite some time. Microsoft is looking to market the game even further. They scored exclusive console rights to the game back in August after being announced as the console version’s publisher by Bluehole.

There is no news about how long this exclusive deal will last for Microsoft. Judging by Epic Game’s Fortnite’s recent Battle Royale mode and Grand Theft Auto Online having a similar mode, PUBG has a lot of competition going into the new year.

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