As some players in Apex Legends continue to find ways to cheat, developers aren’t going to stop banning them anytime soon. A Respawn Community Manager on the r/apexlegends subreddit, has updated fans with their ‘Check In 5.10’. In other words, the post is a detailed explanation of the improvements patch 5.10 will bring to Apex. The post covers topics such as Hit Registrations, a Fortified Bug, Slow Motion, Audio Issues, Piggy-Backing, and a PS4 Crash.

As many may know, the Hit Registration in Apex Legends has been a major issue for many players. Respawn have been aware of this issue for quite some time. Even though the Community Manager states that Respawn has been able to fix many Hit Registration issues, the problem still occurs. “There is still more work to be done but we believe that the fixes coming next patch will be a good improvement and will help weed out many of the less severe issues people are noticing, which will help us understand more about whatever bugs may be remaining. (And when we squash this thing, our hit detection will be more solid than ever.)”

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For the Fortified Bug, the Community Manager didn’t have much to say, aside from the issue being resolved. “This is an issue that came up in the balance changes we made to Gibraltar and Caustic. We have a fix that will be deployed in the next patch.” In April, Respawn had addressed that they were aware that players were experiencing some sort of lag at the start of matches. The lag made gameplay seem as if it were in Slow Motion. In which Respawn had removed some faulty hardware from their sever pools. Similarly to the Hit Registrations, as the issue had been resolved, they still have a lot more work on completely fixing it.

The patch also resolved the audio issues. As some players were experiencing audio distortion and strange footstep issues. Additionally, the post addresses that players who join parties and “Piggy-back”, will be temporarily or permanently banned in the future. “Piggy-backing” is where players join squads and don’t do anything, and other squad members essentially carry them. This allows the “Piggy-backers” to level up faster and earn more XP. Lastly, Respawn had released an update for PS4, that allowed players to buy more skins in the PS Store. This update caused players who used Life-Line’s “Pick me up” ability to crash the game. This update will prevent those crashes to happen again.

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