Phantom Halls Kickstarter Now Live

The Kickstarter for Phantom Halls, a procedurally generated haunted house game, is now live. In Early Access for a year now, the game has been continuously receiving updates in its testing phase. Now, the developers are turning to the consumers to help as the final game reaches its Halloween 2018 release date.

In Phantom Halls, it’s up to you to traverse a house where the horrors are different each time. Available to play in both co-op and single player, it is described as “a real-time Worms with the procedurally generated chaos of Spelunky“. Developer Incedium is asking consumers for $41,700 to help them in the game’s final stages.

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Randomized Spooks

In addition to the ever-changing scenery, Phantom Halls gives you a dozen distinct characters to traverse the spooky surroundings. Your main goal is to save your friends from this nightmare house. Once you rescue a character, they become playable. This house has frights such as ghosts, clowns, bugs, zombies, and more. Thankfully, you’ll be able to makeshift your own weapons to help fight off these horrors.

Phantom Halls gives you a variety of characters to play as.

Featuring a unique paper-craft art style, Phantom Halls is currently available on Steam Early Access for $12.99.  Those who buy the Early Access edition of the game are treated to a special content pack featuring Ash from Evil Dead 2. Featuring his signature chainsaw hand, the pack includes a set of unique Evil Dead-inspired quests. This pack comes with the Early Access edition, but will become a DLC pack after launch.

Help Contribute to the Horrors

With the Kickstarter now live, the developers are looking for a little extra polish before the game sees release. Long-term goals for the game include more differentiated rooms and unique abilities for each character. Most excitingly, Incendium has laid out its plans to include other licensed characters in its game.

An inventory system was one of the features added during Early Access.

The starting tier for the Phantom Halls Kickstarter start at $7 and includes a shout-out in the games credits. $21 gets you a Steam Key, while $76 gets you a special, pin, T-shirt, and more. More details, including a detailed look at the developer’s goals and rewards for backing, can be found on the game’s Kickstarter page. For more information of the game itself, you can check out Phantom Hall‘s website. The Kickstarter lasts until April 12.

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