Bethesda‘s Vice President Pete Hines talks to Gamesindustry about why Bethesda is now releasing games on Nintendo consoles. As Bethesda had previously refused to release games for the Nintendo Wii and other Nintendo console, Hines comments on the recent change. “Well, that was more our philosophy has always been that anything that we are creating, we are happy to bring to as many platforms as will run the game as designed and envisioned.” Hines continues. “The Wii was just not in the same area that the other consoles were at the time. ‘Well, Wii folks won’t play this.’ Maybe they would or maybe they wouldn’t, but why even speculate? I can never get this game to run on that so it’s a moot point.”


The Nintendo Switch is by far Nintendo’s most advanced console up to this date. As it uses an NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor on a 6.2-inch LCD Screen, no wonder Bethesda decided to join the party. Hines also comments on Bethesda‘s new Nintendo audience. “One of the things we discovered in talking with Nintendo, is that there’s a segment of their audience who plays other kinds of things on their platform that also likes our stuff. And there’s a segment of their audience (and it’s a healthy size) whose entry point into the platform is our title.” Later Hines mentions that “It definitely fits an audience that Nintendo already has, but it’s also clear that we are bringing some new people to Switch. I met a guy yesterday who said that the first things they bought on Switch were Doom, Wolfenstein and Skyrim because they are the sort of thing they wanted, and the fact they were on the Switch made them get a Switch.”

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