Persona 5 Scramble Western Port “Still Being Planned” According to Financial Report

With the massive popularity of the original Persona 5, it makes sense that fans would want to get their hands on the spin-off/pseudo sequel, Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. Sadly, after its initial launch last February in Japan, there’s been little word on a localization for western audiences. Fortunately, a recent Koei Tecmo financial report may have just shed new light on the situation.

Thanks to a translated summary of the company’s FY2019 report by Twitter user 黒凧 BlackKite, we see that Koei Tecmo had a successful year due to a rise in overseas sales by 71.9% physically and 37% total. It also states that localized ports of both Persona 5 Scramble and Nioh 2 DLC are “still being planned.”

Of course, there’s no official confirmation regarding localization. However, ATLUS USA released a survey last month in order to gauge interest in a port of the game among other things. With sales of the recent Persona 5 Royal performing well globally, it seems logical that Scramble would see similar success.

Do you think Persona 5 Scramble will get localized? Will you pick it up if it does? Let us know in the comments!

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