Persona 5 Royal Will Alter Homophobic Scenes In The West

While Persona 5 has seen massive critical praise, the game did upset fans with certain scenes presenting homophobic behavior. Now, with Persona 5 Royal, Atlus has confirmed that these scenes will be edited for the western version.

Speaking with IGNAtlus Communications Manager Ari Advincula stated some scenes – mostly ones involving Ryuji and two flamboyant men – have seen alterations to avoid showing the characters in a “negative light.”

Advincula ensures that they have reviewed all dialogue for the scene introducing the two men and the notorious beach scene. This should help both updated scenes send a more positive image to reflect today’s modern viewpoint.

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The Persona 5 fan-base has scrutinized the game for portraying offensive and homophobic sexual behavior with its homosexual characters. Both men act sexually aggressive and overly dramatic for comedic relief – something that comes off as inaccurate and harmful today.

Once work on Persona 5 Royal began, Advincula shared that she prioritized verifying if these scenes were addressed. She also mentioned that their localization team has an “internal content review team” that is “very on the pulse about what’s right and what to do.” She finally added that Royal was “a chance to make it right.”

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