Waiting for the bus. Riding the subway. Waiting for the laundry to dry. Crowded into a car during that family trip to grandma’s house. We have all been there and done that. Whether you are a hard-core or a casual gamer extra time means game time and that’s the idea behind Mario Party: The Top 100 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Over the weekend, I was able to participate in The Darwin Project alpha. For those who are not aware of the game, The Darwin Project pits ten people against each other in a freezing and unforgiving arena. The game was announced at E3 this year, which will be an Xbox One X enhanced […]

Injustice 2 revealed its third fighter pack which includes a teenage mutant ninja surprise. That is right, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming to Injustice 2. Not just one: all four are making their way to the game. In a trailer released on Twitter, the teenage group was revealed to join the […]

For as long as there have been superhero comic books, there have been those who want to be them. Things like cosplay and action figures can only get someone so far in that endeavor. In the modern day, when you want to experience something fully, you turn to VR. Failing […]

After working with them on the Titanfall series, Respawn Entertainment is now officially a part of Electronic Arts. Game studio Respawn Entertainment is known for their work with Electronic Arts on the Titanfall series. Now the company has acquired the studio officially, as Game Informer reports. Studio founders Jason West […]

The Nintendo Switch received its first streaming app today. Hulu has made its way to the portable console before any other big hitters such as Netflix and HBO Go. The app will be available for download on the eShop once the updates go out. Hulu is of course, free to […]

Over the past several years, as gaming videos with commentary such as Let’s Plays, walkthroughs, and Twitch streams become more prevalent on the internet, the debate over fair use has become heated, especially in the face what’s perceived as more and more rampant content claims under the Digital Millennium Copyright […]

South Park has become one of those shows that has always been there, like The Simpsons or WWE Raw. When it first came out, the expectation was that controversy would drag it into cancellation sooner rather than later. A mixture of being genuinely funny, a willingness to push boundaries without […]