Patch introduces a new escort map, as well as bug fixes and hero fixes. Havana is described to be a “vibrant, historic port city where the winds of change blow strong, is home to Overwatch’s newest Escort map.” In other words, Havana is a map set in the streets of the real life capital city of Cuba. The escort mission starts at the Taller de Sebastián, which is the gas station seen in the trailer. As you progress through the streets of Havana you are able to enter La Cocina de Miranda, as well as the Café del Sol. Further on in the map is the Don Rumbotico rum distillery, and lastly the Havana Sea Fort. Similarly to other Overwatch maps, Havana is full of life, as the streets contain cars, posters, instruments, fruit stands, and more.

For those who are interested in the bug fixes for Havana, here they are. The text errors on Taller de Sebastián and several posters have been fixed. As well as a bug where players were sliding across the bottom of pillars, and the edges of the walls in  La Euforia. Lastly a bug that would cause players to get stuck on Yucca plants was resolved. Earlier this day there was an issue that caused the patch to be available for everyone except for Xbox users. Luckly the Blizzard Customer Support calmed everyone down, by saying that the issue was fixed.

As for Numbani, some players have noticed an absence in the rotation from this map. Reddit user Kdpha had created a chart of the maps that over 20 streamers had played through. Which strangely, none of them had played in Numbani. The streamers had played through approximately 350 matches, and people were surprised with the disappearance. But Reddit users have noticed that in the latest patch, Numbani had made a return.



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