The last week has been a wild series of ups and downs for Overwatch. While Summer Games started out of nowhere, the event itself left a lot to be desired. Thankfully, Blizzard didn’t waste any time in announcing Role Queue. Furthermore, changes are being made to the overall Overwatch experience with Two Damage, Two Tanks, and Two Support. While the competitive beta will start next month and heroes get balances updates and reworks, we got one additional surprise in the form of a new character. The Team Mexico twitter account actually accidentally leaked Sigma, but it didn’t detract from his formal induction into the game.

What is That Melody?

Sibren de Kuiper is a brilliant astrophysicist out of the Netherlands who spent decades studying man’s ability to harness the power of black holes. While he does not come off as an “evil mastermind” like others in the cast, he did seem like the kind of guy who wanted to prove his theories correct for the benefit of mankind. Sadly, the experiment went horribly wrong. He was left with his mind completely fractured, and he had to be detained in a government facility. There are even strange gravitational distortions around him, which would explain why he’s been strapped down. And in the end, Talon breaks him out of the facility and manipulates him to fight for their cause.

The origin story itself was one of the darkest thus far. In a way, Sigma’s situation mirrors Tracer’s with how they’re both victims of a freak scientific accident. However, while Tracer was able to recover with Winston’s help, Subject Sigma does not look like he will be making any such recovery any time soon.

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The World of (Overwatch) Tanks

If you were to ask players of Overwatch what the game truly needs, they would likely say, “More Tanks”. Thankfully, Sigma will be answering those prayers as he is not only a part of the Tank class, but a barrier tank character.

Source: Overwatch

Up until now, if you wanted your Tank player to provide cover for the team, you would either go with Reinhardt and his shield, Winston’s Dome Barrier, or Orisa and her portable barrier. However, Sigma takes a few pages out of Symmetra 2.0’s kit and adds his own fun twist with his Experimental Barrier. Upon activation of the shield, it will travel forward in the direction Sigma is looking. Then, Sigma can stop the barrier and it will stay in place until he recalls it or it gets destroyed. This means if you want to have a barrier in mid-air to cut off enemies on the high ground, Sigma’s your Tank. The barrier will only be able to recharge if it isn’t out, so be sure to store it be conservative.

Gravity Is a Harness

Sigma’s kit can be very overwhelming, as he is a three-star tank hero.

To start, Sigma does not carry a gun. Instead, he uses his “Hyperspheres” that will launch two charges and implode after a short duration. They can also bounce off walls too, so his primary fire can be rather effective in enclosed areas. He will always fire off the two charges and they have no ammo count, so be sure to choose your shots carefully.

Source: Overwatch

Kinetic Grasp gives Sigma a way to cancel out projectiles like Genji’s reflect or the Defensive Matrix of D.Va. When he uses it, he will be able to absorb any incoming projectiles and covert them into shields like Doomfist. This will be another fun way for Sigma to negate damage.

Accretion allows Sigma to gather a large mass of debris and throw it at an enemy to knock them down. While this sounds like a good ability to use at close-quarters, it has quite some range to it and would be best used against enemies that are 20 meters away.

Gravitic Flux — Meta Changing?

Sigma’s ultimate certainly appears intimidating upon first glance. When Sigma uses it, he will be able to float through the air almost like Mercy’s ultimate. He can travel quite far too, but the biggest draw is literally the manipulation of Gravity. You can aim and choose where his attacks will land, like with Doomfist’s ultimate. Sigma will be able to launch the opposition into the air before slamming them back into the ground. Now what’s scary to consider here is how the ultimate can serve as a means to punish a team trying to bunker down in an area. Unlike Wrecking Ball’s Minefield, this ultimate has the ability to turn an enemy team into clay targets since Sigma can also throw out an attack before dunking on them.

While the GOATs meta will be dying out soon with the 2-2-2 meta coming in, it does make one wonder if Sigma could have been the character to kill it off. A brand new barrier tank means more brand new tactics can be implemented. Sigma also synergizes with characters like McCree or Soldier 76, with his ultimate letting them play Duck Hunt. There will always be other strategies that will be innovated by top players, but Sigma looks exactly like the fix the fanbase was begging for.

So What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts on Sigma? Do you think he is the character to bring the right kind of change to Overwatch? And what will the state of Overwatch be when the 2-2-2 meta begins? It is always a pleasure to have a new character in the game, and hopefully the next one will have just as big an impact as Sigma. Until we start our speculation on Hero 32, be sure to stay with us here at Culture of Gaming for more articles covering Overwatch and other things in the gaming world.

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