Overwatch is preparing for its first event of year 4 and it would seem it could roll out later this month.

While Summer Games‘ third year was lackluster (as well as all the other events we got during Year 3), there look to be some big changes coming to spice things up. During a recent Developer Update, Jeff Kaplan of the Overwatch team gave us a few quick updates. These include Overwatch getting a new “Anti-Cheat” detection system, Summer Games happening sooner than Hero 31 (whoever “He” is) coming out after Summer Games.

Overwatch S

Source: Overwatch

Now, it may bum out players to know Hero 31 will likely be coming in August instead of July, but at least we got one small confirmation on it being a male character (sorry JunkerQueen). It seems obvious though that they won’t magically drop the next hero during the Summer Games event so this is certainly a pretty big change from previous years.

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It isn’t much else we could take out of Jeff’s discussion video as it was rather vague on what we could see this year. All we know is that we are going to get something “Pretty Awesome,” but that was about it. So unless if his definition means “A brand new stage for Lucioball!” or a variation of the mode like what Rocket League does, hopefully, this will mean we will see some more variety in the mode. Jeff also did confirm there will be weekly challenge events like what we recently got with the Baptiste Reunion that will give players the chance to unlock new epic skins.

Predicting Overwatch Summer Games Skins

For as nice as all of that is to speculate the upcoming changes coming to the event, many casual players are starting to put together their predictions for who will get skins this year. Each event follows interesting patterns when it comes to themes, and when we look at the Summer Games, you can break them down into three categories. As such, let’s go through each of them and see if we can figure out who could likely get something nice to wear.

We’ll cover the legendaries in a moment, but let’s first focus on the Epic Skins.

Team Colors

When we got our first event ever in Overwatch, the game was happening at around the time of the Olympics. As such, we got fun skins that put Overwatch heroes wearing the colors of their home countries. So far if we were to list off who got what, they are as follows:

  • McCree wearing American Colors
  • Mercy with Swiss colors
  • Genji Pure White with Red for Japan
  • D. Va representing South Korea
  • Widowmaker with the French
  • Sombra’s lovely Mexican representation
  • Moira showcasing Ireland Pride
  • Torbjorn (and later Brigitte) sporting Swedish Yellow and Blue
Overwatch Summer Games 2018's Epic Skins

Source: Overwatch Summer Games 2018

All in all, it was pretty nice to see how so many countries around the world are getting representation, but there are still so many more Blizzard could utilize if they wanted to. The problem, however, becomes who would exactly be next since there are some characters who already are wearing their nationality colors in legendaries or are from fictional countries or the moon (so there’s really no colors we could draw from that).

So who could we see wear their country’s colors next? Well, one could argue ones that have one or two out of the said country in the game is a good start. Reinhardt from Germany could happen, but he did get his “Gridironhardt” skin last year. Ana or Pharah could be neat to see happen with Egypt and if they will give them “Red, White, and Black” colors.

Here is the list of possible Epic Skins we could see happen:

Junkrat & Roadhog: Australia

Mei: China

Ana & Pharah: Egypt

Reinhardt: Germany

Baptiste: Haiti

Symmetra: India

Hanzo: Japan

Zenyatta: Nepal

Doomfist: Nigeria

Ashe, Reaper & Soldier: 76: United States

Guessing The Six Legendary Skins

For the legendary skins during the Summer Games, they follow one of two themes: Sports & Games or Summer Activities. These did range from a character that could be Olympic participants, Summer fun with the Grillmaster: 76, or other various sports like Baseball, Cricket or Lacrosse. There’s not much else to say, but you can see the full list of skins here.

So out of a cast of 30 heroes, who would be the most likely to get Legendary Skins? Well, this can range from one extreme to the next, but in one man’s opinion, here is what some have speculated on who we could possibly see.


Source: Overwatch

If you were to look at the history of event skins we got throughout 2018, you will notice that for whatever reason, Genji got nothing. The last skin we got for him was back during the All-Star Game last year, but that was it. So one year later, it is likely fair to guess that it is finally time for Genji to get some love.

Sadly though, it is hard to say what summer-related activity you can have Genji do justify a skin for him. In fact, it is funny to consider how Genji is one of the few characters on the roster that doesn’t have a “Medal” Victory Pose. Who knows if this will be the year that Genji will get something more than just a voice line, but it is probably best to not hold your breath on it. At least the next event (Halloween) could give him something special if Summer Games doesn’t.

Wrecking Ball

Hammond is about in the same spot as Genji as the last legendary skin he got was during Halloween Terror. It was fun to roll around in a giant pumpkin, but the hamster needs something else (besides his Epic skin he got during the Archives Event). The Summer Games would be the perfect chance to give Hammond something special as there are plenty of options on what you can dress up his mech during the summer. Many feel like we are long overdue for the “Lucioball” skin, but it would be nice if we also got something like a bowling ball or a giant watermelon.


Overwatch: Doomfist

Source: Overwatch

Is it wrong to question why we have yet to get a “Boxer Doomfist” yet? Mind you it is understandable why, but if we are talking about sports, you can’t go wrong with having Boxing get some representation. Other than that though, Doomfist does feel like someone who could benefit from a Summer Skin since his last legendary turned him into “DoomFish!” Whether if you have him punching people to death or have him enjoying the great outdoors, it does feel like the time is right to give him something new.


Skeet Shooting is the marksman’s bread and butter event as shooters take aim and shoot clay targets out of the sky. While the idea of a skeet shooter skin did get a small tease with an Ana spray, it doesn’t seem like either her or Widowmaker will not dress the part. Luckily though, we do have Ashe and one could argue that she would fit the role better than either of the other two. With this being her first Summer Games event, it could be fair to assume that we could see her in more casual attire as she prepares to take aim at flying targets. Not sure what B.O.B. would be though… Maybe a judge?


Had Orisa not got an epic skin back during the Lunar New Year event, she would be in the exact same position as Genji. That said, a year has come and gone and she does not have a new legendary skin either. She does have a harder time though as it can be hard to design a skin for a quadruped character; let alone how you fit that in with Summer. As hysterical as it would be for Orisa to dress up as a racing horse and have a “rider” on her back, this likely will not happen. Still, she does seem like her time might be coming soon for a new skin. If it doesn’t happen during the summer, then definitely during Halloween (since she could finally make use of that “Pumpkin Head” victory pose and put it towards something special.


Overwatch: Torbjorn Water Polo Spray

Source: Overwatch

It was a toss-up between him and Symmetra as both characters have gone about six+ months without a legendary. Mind you the same can be said Ana and Sombra, but because they got skins already in the Summer Games, it seems a touch unlikely they would get another this year. As for why one could pick Torbjorn over Symmetra could be summarized by how Symmetra doesn’t seem like much of a summer person whereas Torbjorn does seem like someone who can enjoy sports or other outdoor activities. Now as for what those activities are… You got me there, but since Torbjorn does not have one Legendary for the Summer Games, this could be the year he finally gets one.

So What Do You Think?

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to their favorite seasonal events. While the Summer Games may not be everyone’s true standout, it could serve as a run roadmap of things to come for Overwatch.

So who do you think will get skins during Overwatch‘s Summer Games? Will Blizzard finally give us something new to look forward to? And when exactly is Summer Games going to start? Be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more news and editorials on Overwatch and other things in the gaming world.

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