Overwatch NEEDS These Things at Blizzcon 2018

Overwatch is one of my favorite games of all time. The characters are all endearing, the gameplay is fun, and the lore always has me asking Blizzard for more. That being said, Blizzard needs to make additions and changes to make it a better experience. These are the things Overwatch NEEDS to come out of Blizzcon 2018. Lord Jeff Kaplan please be kind, and leave your personal wish list in the comments below.

Competitive Changes

I believe it doesn’t need to be said that Competitive is the most popular mode in the game. The competitive mode is the only place to play both offense and defense and it feels like a more complete product when compared to Quick Play which is literally half the experience.

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That being said, Competitive is also the worst place to play the game. For starters, the community around Overwatch is one of the most toxic in gaming. Throwers and levers still affect many games. Matches affected by these jerks make 15 minute long matches feel like a waste of time. Blizzard has put in measures to try and combat the toxicity of Overwatch. These have definitely made an improvement, but more needs done.


My first recommendation is to stop penalizing teams that have a person leave the game early. Overwatch is a team based game that cannot be won alone. A large majority of fights that have a team with one less fighter is going to be won by the team with the advantage. In comp games, if someone leaves the match within a couple minutes the game is cancelled. No one’s skill rating is affected and after 10 seconds, everyone is back to the main menu. After that deadline though, if anyone leaves a game the match will go on. The team with the leaver is forced to stay in a losing battle.

Following the game, or whenever the team finally leaves outside of the penalty timer, the leaver-team is still penalized with a loss. The chance to win was completely taken from them. If you do not penalize the leaver team, the winning team would still get their SR bonus for winning, but the team with the leaver don’t have to be let down for circumstances out of their control. To combat people taking advantage of this system, Blizzard should incorporate harsher penalties and bans for leavers to combat people just leaving to save their friends from a sure loss.

Season Rating Changes

The SR system in Overwatch is not great and I think everyone who plays the game has known this for a long time. Overwatch is a game that wants to promote team play and switching heroes for the occasion. As of now, the SR system compares the hero you play against the average of all other people who played that hero. This promotes one-tricks, which all Overwatch players know can be damning to their team because they refuse to help by being flexible and switching to a healer or tank when needed. If you get really good with one character, it doesn’t matter if you lose a game, because that game’s SR won’t effect you as bad as the next win will boost you. At Blizzcon, we need an announcement for a new SR system that will promote flex play and working with your team to win.

Map Vote System

In Overwatch matchmaking, no one has a say in what map is played. I hope at Blizzcon that we get to hear about a map voting system. This can be like in other games where players can before a game prefer or (attempt to) avoid a map. Personally, I hate Temple of Anubis. If you have me the choice to play any other 2CP map, I would take it. Give the two teams a choice to vote on maps with the same play style. The game can choose if it will be a payload, 2CP, or control map. Just allow the players to decide which map they want to have that match on.

More Lore

Overwatch’s lore is one of the most inviting things about the game. It’s not complicated, and all the characters are unique and interesting. Everyone can quickly choose a favorite to get behind. The last year or so has been extremely slow for the lore lovers though. Since last Blizzcon, we have received two of the very popular cinematic shorts. There were also practically no comics to progress the story. There is one lore event a year to give background on the past of these heroes, and that lasts for three weeks. Lore for Overwatch has essentially come to a standstill. An announcement of more lore events, or a series of animations would be amazing. I would also love a movie, but who knows if that will ever happen. There was also a cancelled comic from last year. Bringing a whole a series of comics would be great.

New Hero

We all know we are going to be getting a new hero for Overwatch. We get one every Blizzcon and the payload on Route 66 is hinting at new things to come that could involve the Deadlock Gang. What do we want from a new hero though? Healers are at a spot where any are acceptable in game with no “must-pick” (screw you Mercy). We definitely do not need another shield tank, and we just received a tank in Wrecking Ball. That only leaves the overwhelmingly represented damage. I honestly do not have an idea what kind of hero I want to see. Let me know what you want in the comments below.

That is my personal wish list for what I want to see from Overwatch at Blizzcon. What do you want to see? Tell us what gets you hyped for Blizzcon.

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