For as much as one can hope that the Overwatch Halloween Terror event will be their most exciting year yet, we find ourselves in a rather awkward position.

At the time when Summer Games came out, many raised concerns about the disappointing layout and how Jeff of the Overwatch Team confirmed that Halloween Terror will be following a similar format. As lackluster as this sounds, it was also a touch shocking to also remember how the first year of Halloween Terror only had four legendary skins, which was the same amount of skins Summer Games got. Not that this makes it any better, but one can argue that out of all the holiday events we get throughout the year, Halloween provides some of the most unique and engaging skins like Mercy dressing up as a witch, or Zenyatta wanting you to embrace Oblivion.

Still one of the best skins from Overwatch Halloween Terror..

Source: Overwatch

It was also through Halloween Terror that Overwatch got its first-ever PvE mode through Junkenstein’s Revenge and how a horde mode can actually be quite fun and engaging with three other players. While some had hoped that it would have its own story and lore that would grow over the years, we instead saw a few more characters thrown into the mode with their own roles. Who knows if this trend will continue (though it probably will), but let’s take a step back and consider what goodies we might see this year.

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With the event likely starting very soon, we have a small wishlist of expectations that could make the game mode and the event even more engaging than ever. So let us consider the following and let’s have some fun speculating… of what probably won’t happen this year…

Hope 1: More Enemy Type and Variations in Junkenstein’s Revenge

At least give us something else to shoot... Please?

Source: Overwatch

Last year, we go so a pretty cool set of legendary skins for the cast, from banshees and jack o’ lanterns to enchanted armors and Doomfist Doomfish, they were some of the most creative skins we got for Halloween Terror. So much so that some honestly thought at the time with the deathmatch map of Chateau getting a Halloween makeover, we were going to get some kind of “Attack on Junkenstein” mode. Alas, that didn’t happen and we got something else entirely and little else.

Now while they did update the game mode during year 2 to include Symmetra’s Dragon as an enemy, we thought they were going to do that again for year 3. Sadly, they didn’t, but they could do it this year considering the line up for characters. Consider if you will the following.

Mercy as The Witch

Junkrat as Dr. Junkenstein

Roadhog as Junkenstein’s Monster

Symmetra as The Dragon

Doomfist as The Swamp Monster

Pharah as The Enchanted Armor

Moira as The Banshee

Sombra as The Bride

Winston as The Gargoyle

And Reaper as… The Reaper

Source: Overwatch

You can probably do even more than just those ten heroes, but if Blizzard wanted to, they could do a “Junkenstein 2!” mode where it plays like the original, but you have even more enemy heroes you have to fight off. How each of them provides their own set of challenges to overcome on top of defending the door from the waves of enemies. Something as simple as that would be more than enough to help change up the event and add some much-needed variety to Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Hope 2: More Selectable Characters in Junkenstein’s Revenge

This one would seem like a dead gimme, but if the first hope were to open up to a wide cast of villain characters, then the side of good would need more heroes to answer the call. Here are a few hopeful characters:

It's been four years old man! Get up and defend your castle already!

Source; Overwatch Comic

Reinhardt as Lord of the Castle: While our narrator does have himself as the main character, his kit really would be something that can help the team survive the wave of enemies attacking the castle. The Lord of the Castle needs to stop telling stories, and start swinging his hammer and defend his own bloody castle. We are overdue for at least one playable Tank in this mode.

Ashe as The Socialite: Considering that Widowmaker does have a backstory of being a Countess who also doubles as a Huntress, it would be rather fun to allow Ashe to join in the festivities of eliminating Zomnics. This could not only add some funny interactions between her and the Gunslinger, but you also will have B.O.B. to help lay down cover fire when the screen floods with enemies.

Lucio as The Bard: Lucio is in that position like many others where he does not have his own Halloween skin. If he were to not only get one this year but to become a character in Reinhardt’s story, he likely would be given the title of Bard and would be able to help provide his team with emergency shielding when the tough really gets going.

Baptiste as The Paladin: As the only other support besides Lucio to not have anything to do with Halloween, he too can be of great benefit in Junkenstein’s Revenge as he can provide “Divine protection” with his immortality field or provide special assistance with his Amplification Matrix to take down boss characters.

Hope 3: Playable Characters in Junkenstein’s Revenge Get Their Own Appropriate Halloween Skins

In the beginning, only four heroes answered the call of Reinhardt to defend the castle. Three years later, that number was bumped up to ten. They are as follows:

McCree as The Gunslinger

Ana as The Alchemist

Hanzo as The Archer

Widowmaker as The Huntress

Torbjorn as The Viking

Genji as The Swordsman

Zenyatta as The Monk

Tracer as The Will o’ Wisps

Brigitte as The Shield Maiden

And Soldier 76 as… The Solider.

Even Widowmaker is wondering where Genji's Halloween attire went...

Source: Overwatch Comic

Between three supports and seven DPS, it’s a nice balance of characters to play in this mode. The thing that also bothered some players though was how in spite of these characters becoming playable in a Halloween event, it feels like they weren’t embracing the theme of Halloween. You can at least say that characters like McCree, Torbjorn, and Zenyatta got awesome Halloween skins to complement their role in the story, but other characters didn’t get the same treatment.

You can say the other heroes have an appropriate skin to give them the look as they likely would in Junkenstein’s Revenge, but there’s still some hopes for awesome skins for an Alchemist Ana, a Swordsman Genji, a “Knightly” Soldier 76, and a Tracer that seems completely out of her element (or helps her fulfill the role of “Will o’ the Wisps”). We won’t get them all, but they seem to be the likely ones to get a skin this year (probably not Ana since she already has two Halloween skins), alongside with any other characters that could become playable in Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Hope 4: Surprise Us, Blizzard

When compiling a list together of our cast of 31 heroes, there were just a small handful of characters that were too hard to justify in connecting to the event. This also probably won’t happen, but it never hurts to hope for a surprise reveal somewhere.

Orisa — As one of the most unique characters in the cast due to her body shape, new skin ideas for Orisa seems like a nightmare. Still, if you can have her pose like a centaur pretending to be a headless horseman, then it’s something that should have happened by now. Get creative, Blizzard.

Bastion — It did get a skin that dressed it up like a tombstone, but it would be fun to see if we were to get some kind of “Uber Zomnic” design and give it to Bastion. That and how it would compliment Bastion’s zombie emote that lets it walk as though it was the living dead.  Still, with the recent event that gave us “Brick Bastion,” this does seem rather unlikely.

Source: Overwatch

D.Va — A new skin for D.Va is always a complicated endeavor, as you are making a skin for two characters like Ashe and B.O.B. Perhaps this will be the year Blizzard can just finally give the people what they want and transform D.Va and her MEKA into Deathwing…

Source: Heroes of the Storm

Sigma — As our newest hero coming before Halloween, it is entirely possible that Sigma could get some love right away. With people comparing to the “Master of Magnetism” so why not give Sigma a “Guru of Gravity” skin with bunny slippers or something? Either that or turn him into the “Flying Dutchman” because he technically is a flying Dutchman…

What are your hopes?

Do you think Blizzard will do anything special for Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror? Which heroes do you hope to see skins for this year? And could Junkenstein’s Revenge help to foreshadow something special at Blizzcon this year?

Ok, that last one is a stretch, but if the rumored “Overwatch 2” is what people believe it could be, it would be cool for Junkenstein’s Revenge to go all and provide a challenge that will renew interest for those playing during this time of year rather than just recycling the same content. It will likely happen again, but Blizzard will need to do something special if they want to build some excitement for whatever is coming up later this year. After all, some people may want to have something else to look forward to than something that will require cell phones…

Until we get to Halloween Terror or Blizzcon, be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more editorials on Overwatch and other things in the gaming world.

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