During the developer diary with Jeff Kaplan, a new Overwatch hero was confirmed from Blizzard.

What Is It?

Jeff Kaplan attempts to be as vague as possible in this video as to not give to much away. Kaplan describes how Blizzard constantly listens to feedback from players. Additionally, he declares how receptive the company is attempting to be.

The video is used as a commemoration of Overwatch. This was likely sparked by it’s recent “Best Ongoing Game” moniker from 2017 Video Game Awards. In addition to this, Overwatch over the past year implemented three new heroes, new levels, and even a death match mode. Ironically, the developers only recently began feeling good about this new mode.

During this update, Kaplan announced Hero #27. Blizzard is presently testing the hero internally. In addition to Hero #27, there is more than one other new Overwatch hero in development.

He also touched on the importance of esports in the game’s popularity. Kaplan showed a lot of admiration for the esports players during the initially new moments of the video.

In addition he discussed new seasonal events and their implementation.

Here is the developer diary in full:

Where Overwatch Stands

Currently there are 26 heroes which are playable in Overwatch. Each hero fits into one of the four roles. In addition to this, each hero has unique abilities.

With over 35 Million players, Overwatch is one of the most popular shooters of all time. Blizzard claims they will continuously support the game, and give each player an enjoyable experience.

Historically, Blizzard didn’t commit to any new Heroes for Overwatch until the first DLC round. Yet it is certainly encouraging that they are planning to support the game through 2018.

Are you excited for this new Overwatch content? Will you be tuning in more to find out more? Let us know and stick with us on Culture of Gaming. 

Source: [GameInformer]

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