Today marks the start of the OverWatch League!  With it, 312 new skins have added, and even some news of Blizzard World’s release.

Waiting Outside The Gates For Opening Day

Blizzard World, OverWatch‘s next map has had people excited for what it will bring.  From a new Hybrid map to the Blizzard-Inspired skins, people want to get into Blizzard World right now.  Said to come out Early 2018, there has been no word on when the newest map will come to OverWatch. Many in the community knew that with the OverWatch League would likely take the higher priority for Early January to avoid conflictions.  We likely won’t see it until Mid-to-Late February or March due to OverWatch‘s Lunar New Year Celebration: Year of the Dog possibly starting towards the end of January. On the While Blizzard Forums, Jeff Kaplan responded in a thread discussing Blizzard World’s release.

Blizzard World and the new loot box items release early this year. Between you and me, I am hoping before the end of the month. But “stuff” can happen.

It was also during this time that Jeff did confirm that besides the skins we saw in the trailer, there will, in fact, be even more special goodies coming out (and not just epic and legendary skins).

Most of the new stuff is NOT Blizzard World related, as a matter of fact. Also, the new stuff is the whole range of items — not just skins… so highlight intros, emotes, sprays etc. If you Guys really dig the Blizz Stuff, then we’ll make more of that in the future… we love doing it.

Finally, on a related note, Jeff also used this time to mention about “experimenting with Hanzo.” Could a Hanzo rework be in the future?  Stay tuned.

Would You Really Buy Every Player’s Jersey for Every Single Team?

With today being the official start of the OverWatch League (OWL)the colors for all 12 teams have been added to the game for purchase. If you log in now before February 13th, you will get 100 tokens which can get you one free OWL Skin.  Costs for the OWL tokens range from $5 for one skin to $100 for 26 skins.  This means that if you wanted to purchase all 312 OWL Skins, it will cost over $1200. While this is quite a lot of money, remember that proceeds go to players and the league payouts.

The detail work on each of the skins also shows that this is more than a simple recoloring. Each character wears their colors proudly and you can even see details put on each of them. From shoulder pads and weapons to clothing and even tattoos, you can see where team names and logo for every character.  Nothing shows more team pride than Roadhog that has a Tiger on his chest. If you wish to see all the skins, be sure to check out this Reddit post that covers all the OWL Skins.

Best Of Luck To All Teams in the OverWatch League!

Are you excited about the OverWatch League? Any team you’re going to be cheering for? Be sure to follow Culture of Gaming for more upcoming news for OverWatch and any developments within the OverWatch League.

Writer’s Note: It should also go without saying, but please keep in mind that you should only get the skins that you feel like you will enjoy the most wearing. If you want to support one of the 12 teams, go for it.  Pretty sure Blizzard isn’t expecting players to put a downpayment on getting every single skin. Get the skins you like the most and don’t feel like you’re going to miss out if you don’t get them all.

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