Two Classic Game Modes Arrive

The popular “hero shooter” has added some classic modes and a new map to the public test sever.

Both deathmatch and team deathmatch have finally transferred over to Overwatch. Unlike other modes these two will focus on kills. A scoreboard is available for the first time, so players can keep a score count.

Teamdeath match will pit 6 players against another team to see who can reach 30 kills first. Team deathmatch is a different speed than most Overwatch games and will require offense minded players to be aware of their health.

The second mode is free-for-all deathmatch. With no allies to rely on, players will compete to rack up a quick 20 kills before claiming victory. Another big change from Overwatch’s team dynamic, free-for-all adds a chance for players to show off as individuals.

The newest map will be Junkertown. This map is currently only available in the test server, but will soon transfer over to the main game. Junkertown is a wasteland and channels a bit of Mad Max.

Maps will be dependent on each mode and not all game modes will be available for each stage. Alongside the new modes there as been some character changes in the newest patch. For all the details you can check out the 1.14.12 patch notes on the official Overwatch site.

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