In the latest Overwatch update, Blizzard added a new character that they’ve been teasing for a while. We heard his name in the very first cinematic trailer, three years ago, and now Doomfist is finally here. Originally designed as a Tank, Doomfist is a new assault character.

As you would expect, Doomfist hits hard, and it shows in his abilities. His cybernetics make him extremely agile and quick, and the hand cannon is his main way of attacking. It holds four shotgun pellets that reload automatically over time. With his second ability, rocket punch, he will shoot forward with his fist out in front of him. Enemies that find themselves stuck between him and a wall will receive maximum damage.

Another ability Doomfist can use is seismic smash which brings enemies closer to him, so he can continue to do massive amounts of damage. He also has the ability to perform a rising uppercut that brings enemies into the air, giving Pharah some target practice.

Like Junkrat, Doomfist also has a passive ability. Every time he uses one of his abilities, he receives shields. Finally, his ultimate is known as Meteor Strike. He will fly up into the air and smash down onto the ground, dealing some damage while stunning enemies.

With the addition of a new character comes updated loot boxes. Players will now receive less duplicates in loot boxes than before, and to compensate for these duplicates, you will now receive more credits in loot boxes than before. This will allow players to purchase more customization options without being disappointed at duplicates.

For a full list of changes and updates check them out on Overwatch’s forums.

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