Our Top 9 Tips For Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the latest entry from the developers at Respawn Entertainment. It is a new take on the Battle Royale genre which is partially connected to the Titanfall universe. Apex Legends is a free to play game with only cosmetic micro-transactions which is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC with console cross-play coming in the future. Here are our best tips for new players looking to increase their chances and getting that sweet sweet Champions win!


This goes without saying that working with your team is key to surviving all sorts of situations, more so than other Battle Royales. Apex Legends relies heavily on coordination not only for flanking but also when and how to use your Legends’ abilities. Get to know which role you want to play. While it’s perfectly fine to choose all the DPS characters, having a better-balanced team will lead to wins by having both offence and defence.

If you’re going solo with random players, then make full use of the Ping system. The ping system is one of the key factors that sets Apex Legends apart from other Battle Royale Games. You can ping locations of your enemies, items, ammo, and setting key locations for your group.

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We really don’t recommend playing this game solo with no mic. It is much tougher to take out a whole team by yourself unless your an amazing player. Use other avenues like Discord, LFG sites, Xbox and PS4 built-in community pages to look for other players.

Un-Toggle Aim

PC players be warned! Aiming is set on Toggle by default. Quickly change this or you will have a hard time running and gunning.

Team’s Body Armor

Always be aware of your teammate’s body armour. Unlike Call of Duty’s Blackout, Apex does allow you to see the quality of body armour that your teammates currently have. If you find a better body armour for your teammate, ALWAYS Ping so that they can upgrade their armour. By the last round, you should have at least 2 teammates with Tier 3 Body Armor (Purple). Don’t forget that you can loot better body armour from defeated players. Lifeline’s Ultimate also drops Tier 3 Body Armor, usually, there’s enough time in a match that she can call her ultimate twice. Thus guaranteeing at least 2 high-level pieces of armour for your team or yourself.

Slide and Holster

While Apex is set in the same universe as Titanfall, don’t expect to be wall running, jet-packing and grappling your way around the map (well unless you’re Pathfinder). Sliding is your best friend and there are plenty of slopes to help you quickly cross the map. Going uphill is a real pain and puts you at a clear disadvantage unless you have a Pathfinder who can use his/her ult to climb tall cliffs. Holstering your weapon dramatically increases your running speed and could save your life. Consider holstering your weapon to quickly flank an enemy squad, there are still lots of players who run with their weapons out when it’s not necessary.


While Apex Legends’ map is huge, it isn’t as easily traversed like Fortnite or Blackout’s map. There are choke points that you can take advantage of depending on the situation. As the circle gets smaller, some locations have 2 or 3 entry ways, sometimes going outside the circle to go around the back can lead to surprise attack against another squad. I would advise the same for defending players to make sure each entry way is being covered. Again this all depends on where the circle is currently located but there are enough buildings, canyons, and tunnels that its a common scenario.

Conserve Ammo

Currently, ammo is an issue and trading shots back and forth is just a waste of ammo. Try to get to a better position and assault the other team and finish the job. Otherwise, you’ll be low on ammo if that back and forth fight didn’t go anywhere. Item management will be a key factor considering that you may have to share ammo among your teammates.

Incoming Dropships

Always look towards the sky above a resurrection station. Sometimes you’ll see a dropship come in for a player who is reviving their dead teammates. Which makes for a great opportunity to take down another squad since revived players have no weapons or armour.

Wraith’s Portal

Wraith is able to use her Ultimate to create a teleportation point. Not only is this great as an escape plan on elevated surfaces but knocked down teammates can also travel through the portal! Make good use of her portals in to create an escape route, flank, or to get a player out of a bad situation.

Ultimate Synergy

This will come with time but we can’t stress enough that proper Ultimate synergy can lead to great combos. Using Bangalore’s smoke grenade and Bloodhound’s Ultimate is a great combo to defeat an entire squad in the smoke. Using Gibraltar shield ability to protect a downed teammate combined with wraith portal can get you out of bad situations.

Hopefully, these tips will lead you and your team to victory! If you have any other tips mention them in the comment section below. CultureOfGaming.com is your source for great reviews, news, and more and we appreciate your support!

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