Orlando Bloom is returning to the fantasy genre. On Amazon Prime in August Bloom will star in Carnival Row. As mythological creatures clash with humans, Bloom is a detective investigating a series of murders. Suicide Squad’s Cara Delevingne stars as a faery who is Bloom’s forbidden love interest.

Amazon Prime August Features

  • This is Football S1: An emotionally-charged, six-part documentary, exploring football’s extraordinary impact on the world.  From the streets of Delhi to the fields of post-war Rwanda to the pitches of the Champions League, this globe-spanning series tells a unique story of the game and its power to unite countries, inspire generations and captivate billions.
  • Free Meek S1: Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill’s 2017 arrest for probation violations sparked national outrage. A re-investigation of his original case explores allegations of police corruption as Meek becomes the face of a justice reform movement.
  • Pete the Cat S1 Part 2: The “Pete the Cat” Season One Part 2 showcases empowering themes of self-discovery. Pete discovers his Mom has a big famous past, Grumpy learns that having fun is more important than winning, and the entire gang learns the value of friendship and inclusion. Scored with an upbeat, groovy soundtrack, “Pete the Cat” encourages children to be curious, creative, and positive while rockin’ to their own beat.
  • Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time S1: Jim Gaffigan is in top form for his 7th comedy special. The 4-time Grammy nominated comedian, doesn’t understand why we aren’t more honest about the reasons we don’t want to attend events, while at the same time embraces lying to kids. From horses and dog birthdays to traveling and museums, Jim continues to impress. Sit back and enjoy Quality Time with Jim Gaffigan!
  • Photograph: A struggling Mumbai street photographer pressured to marry by his grandmother convinces a shy stranger to pose as his fiancée during a family visit. Despite vast cultural differences, the pair develops a surprising connection that challenges their worldviews in a wistful and funny romance from Ritesh Batra (The Lunchbox).
  • #IMomSoHard Live S1: Comedians Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley of the viral webseries #IMOMSOHARD bring you their 2-person stand-up show! Combining stand-up & improvisation, the two share their honest and self-effacing humor on topics ranging from friendship, periods, sex after marriage, body image, and parenting failures. Because, hey: You’re not in this alone, ladies.
  • Mike E. Winfield: StepMan: Who says you can’t get along with those annoying step kids? Mike E. Winfield explains the challenges of marrying an older woman and being a step father to a son with whom he shares similar qualities. Step Son AND Step Homies! Not only will you laugh, be prepared to fall in love with this relatable one hour of comedy.
  • Alice Wetterlund: My Mama is a Human and So Am I S1: Follow comedian / actor Alice Wetterlund as she reveals her personal struggles with peeping toms, cat-rearing, alcoholism and the secret alien conspiracy behind new country music in her breakout comedy special. Best known for HBO’s “Silicon Valley” and “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”, Wetterlund shines in this tour de force hour long special.
  • Alonzo Bodden: Heavy Lightweight S1: In this day and age if it were all heavy it wouldn’t be a comedy special, it would be a depression special, and Alonzo Bodden is very aware of this. That’s why he goes back and forth, from Heavy to Lightweight, because he knows we need a break from news in comedy. He likes to mix it up and he hopes you will join him for a laugh and a think or two.

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    New in August – Available for Streaming on Prime Video
    TV Season(s) Start Date
    *This is Football (Amazon Original series) 1 8/2/2019
    *Free Meek (Amazon Original series) 1 8/9/2019
    *Pete the Cat (Amazon Original series) 1 8/9/2019
    *Jim Gaffigan: Quality Time (Amazon Original series) 1 8/16/2019
    *#IMomSoHard Live (Amazon Original series) 1 8/23/2019
    *Mike E. Winfield: StepMan (Amazon Original series) 1 8/23/2019
    *Alice Wetterlund: My Mama is a Human and So Am I (Amazon Original series) 1 8/23/2019
    *Alonzo Bodden: Heavy Lightweight (AmazonOriginal series) 1 8/23/2019
    *Carnival Row (Amazon Original series) 1 8/30/2019
    Movies Year Start Date
    300 2006 8/2/2019
    All I See Is You 2016 8/7/2019
    Andy Irons: Kissed by God 2018 8/12/2019
    *Photograph (Amazon Original movie) 2019 8/16/2019
    A Simple Favor 2018 8/21/2019
    Mission: Impossible – Fallout 2019 8/23/2019
    The Lincoln Lawyer 2011 8/26/2019
    A Cadaver Christman 2011 8/31/2019
    Boy 2010 8/31/2019
    Computer Chess 2013 8/31/2019
    Dast-neveshtehaa nemisoosand / Manuscripts Don’t Burn 2013 8/31/2019
    Failure to Launch 2006 8/31/2019
    Far from Home 2014 8/31/2019
    First Born 1984 8/31/2019
    Flashback 1990 8/31/2019
    Glissements progressifs du plaisir / Successive Slidings of Pleasure 1974 8/31/2019
    Godzilla 2014 8/31/2019
    Hellboy II: The Golden Army 2008 8/31/2019
    I, Frankenstein 2014 8/31/2019
    Jack Frost 1998 8/31/2019
    Kicking the Dog 2009 8/31/2019
    Klip / Clip 2012 8/31/2019
    Korkoro 2009 8/31/2019
    La Maison de la radio 2013 8/31/2019
    Looking Glass 2018 8/31/2019
    Miss Hill: Making Dance Matter 2014 8/31/2019
    Music from the Big House 2010 8/31/2019
    Naples ‘44 2016 8/31/2019
    Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist 2008 8/31/2019
    Parting Glances 2009 8/31/2019
    Pirate Radio 2011 8/31/2019
    Poltergeist II: The Other Side 1986 8/31/2019
    Sacred Ground 1983 8/31/2019
    She Must Be Seeing Things 1987 8/31/2019
    Sucker Punch 2011 8/31/2019
    Surviving Progress 2011 8/31/2019
    Ten Dead Men 2008 8/31/2019
    The Bog Creatures 2003 8/31/2019
    The Collectors 1999 8/31/2019
    The Fifth Element 1997 8/31/2019
    The Hills Have Eyes Part II

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