VGM Music, an up-and-coming team of musicians based in New Mexico, have pledged to create an album of renditions from the classic 1998 RPG Suikoden II. Legendary composer Kentaro Sato from the Dissidia Final Fantasy series will spearhead the project. He’ll be composing and conducting for the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, an established group of musicians that was founded in 1950.

While the initial Kickstarter goal for the project was $15,000 USD, that goal was met by more than double the support. At the time of writing, the project sits at a solid $35,530 – but Sato and his musicians want to aim a bit higher. Currently, VGM music has enough funding to create a full-length album with 30-54 minutes of music, but if they can hit $40,000 or more, they’ll have enough to make an extended album containing 40-72 minutes.

While the Suikoden 2 soundtrack is the most popular of VGM Music’s projects at the moment, it certainly isn’t their only one. If you go to their Kickstarter page right now, you’ll find that orchestral album of Star Fox 64 and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia are on VGM Music’s to-do-list. Unfortunately, these two projects haven’t struck as well as the Suikoden 2 album, only hitting 24% and 22% of their goals, respectively.

If you’re interested in any of VGM Music’s promising work, be sure to go support them on Kickstarter and check out their website. It seems to be an auspicious orchestra; they just need the funds to get started.

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