With the year approaching its end, there is a hope that the next one would be better. While
most industries have borne the brunt of the virus in 2020, online gaming is among the few
that clearly benefited from the situation. Amid the closure of live sports venues, these sites
made it big. Avid gamers were more than happy to switch to online options as they wanted
to experience the thrill and make money even while cooped up indoors. It would be
interesting to know what lies ahead for the industry after this lucrative year. Let us share
some insights on the predictions for online gaming in 2021.

Increase in mobile gaming

As gaming companies have witnessed booming growth in 2020, they are keen to go the
extra mile. The New Year presents a bigger opportunity as the pandemic is still around, and
things aren’t going to be normal pretty soon. So these companies are looking to tap the
bigger markets now, which is the reason why mobile gaming is all set to increase. Most sites
are going to extend to mobile apps so that they can broaden their reach to potential
customers across this channel. People are more likely to enjoy mobile gaming experiences
because these are convenient and accessible anytime and from anywhere, so it makes sense
for businesses to offer them.

More options for players

Apart from the impending mobile boom, 2021 is all set to bring more options for online
gamers. Avid players want to explore more, rather than only stick with a single game. The
demand for games like 918Kiss and Mega888 2020 is a clear indication that people are
looking forward to more. Gaming companies, therefore, will bring newer ones for capturing
and retaining their share in the market. Since more and more businesses are entering the
domain, the competition is poised to grow in the New Year, and innovation is the only way
to stand apart. So players can expect a lot more options ahead.

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Focus on the monetization of gaming

Another prediction for the industry in 2021 is the growing focus on the monetization of
online. Since the pandemic has caused a financial crisis amid job losses and pay cuts, people
are looking for additional money-making alternatives. It isn’t safe to work outdoors while a
side hustle requires you to have some technical or creative skills. Thankfully, online gaming
works through both concerns. You can make money online from the safety of your home
and while doing something you enjoy. Countless people have done it through the lockdowns
and the trend is only going to get bigger in the coming year.
2021 is all set to be a great year for the online gaming industry as well as people who love to
play. You can expect to see new websites, mobile apps and more options in the coming

year, while the number of players will grow as well. Further, gaming companies will
concentrate on better experiences and trust because these factors are going to drive
customers for them.

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