Ode To A Moon Looks Like Stranger Things on an Acid Trip… and we love it

If you’re a fan of psychedelic immersive sims like LSD Dream Simulator, you might be interested in Colorfiction’s upcoming Ode To A Moon. It’s an 80’s-set first-person horror game with a tone and soundtrack that’s evocative of Stranger Things.

The trailer (above) conveys an early-80’s vibe, complete with VHS filter and a synth-version of Bach’s “Overture No. 3 in D Major”. As the idyllic portraits of a beautiful countryside night pass by, the vibrant blue and red lights complement the brown cabins and dark green grass. Suddenly, a computer monitor breaks in a crash of white light. A new dimension collapses on itself in front of the camera. And ever-present is the expansive, gleaming moon, shining down on the player as they traverse this perplexing dimension. It looks awesome!

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Ode To a Moon

Colorfiction’s word

The trailer leaves us gasping for breath and asking quite a few questions. However, Colorfiction reveals a few more details about Ode To A Moon in their press release:

“Ode to a Moon is a first person horror game that does not rely on jump scares or enacted violence but rather submerges you in an incredibly oppressive atmosphere and environment to overcome. You will explore the nostalgic suburbia of New England, its primeval misty forests and mountains, abandoned farmlands riddled with undulating ancient rock walls, the extravagant ruined castles and mills of long forgotten industrialists, neglected shopping centers and so much more! Ode to a Moon was inspired by actual events and the general belief that Truth is oftentimes stranger than Fiction.”

Ode To a Moon

Colorfiction itself is an established group of indie developers who have developed similar first-person simulation titles like 0°N 0°W. You can check out their site here. In the meantime, look forward to Ode To A Moon – it’s shaping up to be one psychedelic experience.

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