Nvidia is set to reveal their new line of GeForce GPUs next week at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. There have been rumors about these cards flying around the internet for months on end. Most of them settle around a specific spec sheet, but one point of contention has been the naming scheme. To be fair, we all know these cards will kick-ass, so naming is really the only thing up for debate.

What’s in a name?

At this point, it seems that we know just about everything about Nvidia’s next flagship card. The Nvidia GeForce YouTube channel released a Gamescom teaser video a few days ago. It doesn’t reveal too much except for some heatsink fins and a shroud we’ve come accustomed to seeing on the founder’s edition of Nvidia cards. However, astute YouTube user Korisselys noted something peculiar about the way the date appeared on the screen at the end of the teaser. The unassuming date 20.AUG.2018 appeared on the screen. What caught Korisselys’ eye was that four numbers appeared in this order: two, zero, eight, zero. As close as this whole thing is getting to a Bigfoot hunt, it’s not too hard to believe the next Nvidia flagship will be the 2080.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080

This bad boy is going to be the star of Nvidia’s Gamescom showcase. It has been nearly 18 months since the GTX 1080 Ti was released. PC gamers have been clamoring for some new hardware. According to videocardz.com, we might also be getting a new naming scheme as well. They uncovered last week that Nvidia applied for a trademark on GeForce RTX. It’s safe to say that the RTX 2080 will be revealed on Monday.

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When it comes to specs, it’s looking like nothing but the ludicrously more expensive Titan line will be able to exceed the 2080. Techradar reported that Nvidia’s new GPU will have an insane speed of, “1920MHz with the potential of overclocking up to 2,500MHz.” This card’s speed is projected to far exceed what is seen even in the Titan V. However, they are also reporting that the 2080 will have 3,072 CUDA cores. This will likely keep the power of the Titan V’s 5,120 CUDA cores just out of reach. We may have to wait until the likely RTX 2080 Ti for the Titan V to fall, but the 2080 will still be a force to be reckoned with.

Even though the 2080 likely won’t be the king of GPUs, it will almost assuredly be a much better price to performance option. At $2999 the Titan V is already coming in well above the price of most gamer’s full machines. PC Gamer believes that the RTX 2080 will come in around $700-$800 USD. This makes sense since it will put this flagship card right around the $699 MSRP of the 1080 Ti. Of course, bitcoin miners will come and ruin pricing once these cards come out anyway. As for the release date, PC Gamer is reporting August 30. That release date makes sense to me. PC enthusiasts don’t want to wait any longer and the level of hype doesn’t seem like it can get higher than it is right now.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang

What will Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, reveal at Gamescom 2018?

Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070

Welcome to budget land, my friends. While everyone is running around like decapitated chickens about the 2080; the mid-range cards are almost always the best bang for your buck. Enter the RTX 2070. Few people believe that the 2070 will also be revealed at Gamescom, but I can’t see a reason to ignore it. The 1070 and 1080 were both announced at the same event back in 2016. It creates a good lineup balance and shows that Nvidia has a wide range of customers in mind.

2070 rumors currently aren’t as abundant as 2080 rumors, but PC Gamer expects Nvidia’s midrange card to be, “20-25 percent slower and a price that’s 30-35 percent lower.” This would mean that the card could be priced anywhere between $500-$600. That comes in slightly more than the $449 MSRP of Nvidia’s current mid-range card, the GTX 1070 Ti. I’m very concerned if that’s what Nvidia considers mid-range now. The 980s and 1080s of the world used to own the $500-$600 range. Only time will tell. Until then, the PC gaming world will be waiting in anticipation for next Monday.


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