Devil May Cry 5 is probably one of the greatest games of 2019. The game features Nero, a Devil Hunter along with the true Devil Hunter Dante, and a mysterious man named V. Ever since the game came out and everyone’s been able to beat it, people have been wondering when the playable Vergil DLC will come out. Unfortunately it seems that this will never happen. Matt Walker, one of Capcom‘s producers, stated on Twitter that, “Unfortunately dev on DMC 5 is finished.”

Playable Vergil Discovered through Modding

Some players have modded DMC5 and found that Player IDs 1, 2, and 3 are assigned to Nero, V, and Dante. But if players changed the player ID to 4, they can play as Vergil with a minimal moveset. This had fans excited as the series has rarely offered Vergil as a playable character.

The last chance fans would had to as Vergil was DmC: Devil May Cry’s atrocious DLC Story or in Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, which is available on Steam. So, Vergil not being playable in the latest game is a bit of a bummer.

No Love for the Ladies

Trish and Lady from Devil May cry 5

Will we be able to play as these ladies in the future?

Dante’s friends Trish and Lady were also sent on a mission after the events of DMC5. It’s unknown as to where they went, but it’s been speculated that there were plans for them in a future DLC. Well, unfortunately, they’ll probably suffer the same fate as Vergil — axed development.


It’s clear that Devil May Cry 5 won’t have any more DLC, but it definitely had potential. In fact, it almost seems like a waste that Vergil won’t be playable, and that the fate of the DMC girls will remain unknown. This also means that there are no plans for any co-op DLC.

Devil May Cry 5 is finished for the time being, but maybe fans can convince Capcom to have a change of heart.

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