No Man’s Sky Coming To Xbox Game Pass

Hello Games biggest title, No Man’s Sky, will be coming to Xbox Game Pass in June. You can find the official Xbox Wire statement here.

The games leading man Sean Murray wrote the statement, and he had this to say:

“Almost two years ago, our small team at Hello Games brought No Man’s Sky to Xbox One for the first time and introduced Xbox One players to our infinite, procedurally-generated universe. Given how avidly Xbox One owners love to play together, it was perhaps no coincidence that the Xbox One release coincided with the large Next update, which brought fully-fledged multiplayer to the game for the first time.

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No Man's Sky Game Pass
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It seems like a natural and timely step to announce today that next month, No Man’s Sky will come to Xbox Game Pass, opening up our universe of possibilities to over 10 million Xbox Game Pass members who are just about to start their journey with us.”

On top of that Sean Murray makes it clear that the most recent Exo-Mech update won’t be the last. No Man’s Sky will have “plenty more to come”. So new players can expect to not only have the full experience when the game comes to Xbox Game Pass, but to also see plenty more updates and extra content in the future.

As of right now, no official date has been given as to when No Man’s Sky will actually come to Game Pass apart from ‘June’ – but that’s only right around the corner.

Are you excited to play No Man’s Sky on Game Pass? If so let us know in the comments or on Twitter @thecognetwork. You can also check out more news here, or read about our writers debating whether Assassin’s Creed is good or not! as always thanks for reading COG!

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