At the expense of some consumers, Microsoft seems to be slowly phasing out the Kinect. They will not be providing the Kinect adapters pro bono for those who purchase the Xbox One X. Last year, the company offered free Kinect adapters for those who purchased the Xbox One S. This time around, Microsoft is singing a different tune.

Regarding the issue, Microsoft’s head of Xbox games marketing, Aaron Greenberg, had this to say:

“We provided free adapters for a good part of last year following X1S launch, but that program has ended.”

This implies that the program will not be reinitialized for the launch of the Xbox One X. The program has already ended for Xbox One S owners. They are currently ineligible to receive this free adapter. This will require consumers to purchase the adapter if they wish to use their Kinect with their Xbox One X. The adapter will work on the Xbox One X, but it will not be provided for free this time. The Kinect adapter retails for $40 USD.

Microsoft’s Official Kinect Adapter Guide


Adapter’s Necessity

The original Xbox One featured a port for the Kinect to be plugged directly into the console. Both the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X do not include this port. Thus, the adapter is a necessity for those hoping to use their Kinect of their console.

This might seem detrimental for new Xbox One owners who want to purchase a Kinect in addition to their Xbox One X. These consumers would be required to purchase the Kinect, the Xbox One X, and the adapter.

The Xbox One X has a retail price of $499 USD. The console releases on November 7th.

Is it still important for Microsoft to offer this deal? Will you purchase the Xbox One X? Will you plan on playing Kinect games on your Xbox One X?

Source: IGN

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