Nintendo switch sales overtake SNES

Thursday 30th January 2020 marks a milestone for current-gen goliath, the Nintendo switch. Total sales for the console have reached 52.48 million units sold, outselling the legendary SNES.

This figure sees the console overtake the legendary SNES in sales. It means the switch is now only chasing the NES and WII for the top conventional home console produced by Nintendo.

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It almost seems like a dream considering the position Nintendo found themselves before the switch launched. The WII-U was a disappointment and many thought Nintendo had lost their touch. Only for the switch to go from strength to strength.

These figures are the only representative of the first three years of the systems life. Which goes to show just how popular the console has become.

Reflecting on the fantastic titles the system has produced so far, it’s easy to see why. Such as the iconic Breath of the wild or the brilliant Super Mario odyssey.

Also, a massive factor of its success has been its portability. The ability to take fully-fledged releases on the go has been a revelation. Not to mention the smooth performance. Yes, there is a drop in visual quality with the switch ports but to take titles like the Witcher 3 or Skyrim in your pocket is a fair trade.

Sony fanboy bias aside. It’s amazing what the switch has achieved so far. It offers a family-friendly, local multiplayer and fun over visuals focus to the gaming landscape. One can only hope that the switch continues making big strides towards greatness.

What are your opinions on the switch? Is it the console of the generation? What’s next for the system and do you think it can surpass its predecessors? Answer in the comments down below. While you’re at it, why don’t you check out some of our other great content too? As always, thanks for reading!


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