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Just over a week ago, Nintendo released its new Switch Lite console; a smaller, more affordable and exclusively portable version of the original Switch. Initial sales figures for its first week on the market are now available, but unfortunately, it seems they aren’t quite what Nintendo was hoping for.

Within the first three days, Nintendo is reported to have sold 177,936 units of the Switch Lite in Japan – just over half the forecast 300,000 units. Despite turning out to be the second best hardware revision launch in Japan, the disappointing figures caused Nintendo shares to hit an eight-month low, equating to a loss of $2.4 billion.

One reason for the low sales figures could be the mixed reactions the console has received since it was first announced. A number of people have noted that this new model does not quite fit the bill of the original Switch, a system based entirely on the concept of ‘switching’ between a home and portable console. As the Switch Lite has neither removable joy-cons nor TV dock compatibility, some claim that Nintendo has taken a step backwards from everything they did right with the original system.

Meanwhile, many others also praise the company for providing a more affordable alternative. While the original Switch was designed to give consumers total choice over their play styles, this new model is aimed specifically at those who simply want a portable console and have no need for the added TV dock.

With the hotly anticipated release of titles such as Pokémon Sword and Shield and Animal Crossing: New Horizons mere months away, sales for both the Switch and Switch Lite systems are soon likely to see a significant rise. While sales of the Switch Lite may have disappointed at first, its lower price tag is likely to make it a big hit in the months leading up to the holiday season.

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