Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure Becomes Hard To Find Due To Coronavirus

Amongst the scare of the coronavirus, many have turned to at home alternatives for their daily needs. Switch owners who want to exercise without venturing out to a gym have turned to Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure as a cheap alternative. While the game’s MSRP sits at 80$, chances of finding the game at any retailers is incredibly slim as many are sold out. In an article on Wired, it is reported that between the inability to manufacture more and the sudden demand for the product, Ring Fit is going for an average of 130$ on sites like Ebay and Amazon.

Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure, released late 2019 on the Nintendo Switch, is a RPG-like game where players do exercises to defeat monsters and progress in the game. It is a fun way for those who dislike exercise to get moving and has generally good reviews online. But it has become a hot item for people near large cities or coronavirus cases. Wired reports that Gamestops near New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, Des Moines, Las Vegas, and Seattle are sold out within a hundred miles of the cities.

At the time of writing this article, a quick check on Ebay showed that many Ring Fits sold today for around 140$. An abundance of ripoffs are being sold online for 30-40$ as well. Checking in on my local GameStops shows that the Ring Fit is indeed sold out in a 100-mile radius.



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